January Holiday Planner


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January Holiday Planner

Your January Holiday Planner. The holiday planners are year-round to keep you organized for all holidays throughout the year. Every month contains activities to prepare for Christmas so you can get ahead start. This planner includes making up an annual budget for the holidays.


Store Christmas decorations
-Look at the bottom of your tubs and boxes. Were some things not put out? Why? Toss broken or no longer wanted decorations.
-Note on a card the items you are removing from each room. Helps with next year’s decorating
-Clean all Christmas decorations. Wash linens. Remove all batteries.
-When packing decorations, pack like items together, e.g., outdoors, tree decorations, wreaths, etc.
-Label Christmas storage boxes, e.g., XMAS1, XMAS2, etc. On a Rolodex, an index card, or a computer form, write the box’s name, where it is stored, and what is in the box.
-Save a length of your live tree for next year’s Yule log, or use it to make an Easter cross

Other tasks
-Find all Christmas cards envelopes and update the address book
-Develop Christmas film or upload digital images to the computer
-Complete Christmas Journal
-File new Holiday recipes
-Make a checklist of replacements, e.g., light bulbs, extension cords, candles, and worn or ruined decorations.
-Shop after Christmas sales for these items.
-Ongoing Christmas newsletter: Start keeping notes of events each month. –Store in a word program or journal.
-Begin working on next year’s photo calendar: Plan January pictures you need to take for a photo calendar. Develop or upload December photos. 

All celebrations

Make cards for February birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, etc.
Update Birthday Calendar
If giving a shower, Birthday party, etc., in March, begin planning now.
Now is the time to start planning Super Bowl and St. Patrick’s Day parties. 

Valentine’s Day

Organize Valentine’s Day plans.
If you are planning to eat out, make reservations now.
Purchase gifts and cards. 
Order specialty meats if eating at home 
Plan your clothing: shoes, hosiery, suit, dress, etc.
Check with schools and clubs for any treats you are expected to provide
If planning a party, see the Party Planner

January Holiday Planner: Make an annual holiday budget

  • List Holidays you celebrate, e.g., Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  • Estimate cost including gifts, cards, postage, entertaining, baking, clothes, decorations, party items, fireworks, costumes, and food.
  • Jot down the estimated cost beside each Holiday.
  • Include the estimated cost in your home budget

Others gifts

  • Make a list of other gifts you will need during the year: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduations, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.
  • Set a budget for these gifts.
  • Include an estimate of the gift budget on your home budget.

Other entertaining

  • Other parties or entertaining you are planning to host this year, e.g., Birthday parties, Baby showers, Retirement parties, Annual Summer cook-out, etc.
  • Estimate cost for invitations, postage, decorations including centerpieces, food, and party items- game supplies, prizes, favors, programs, etc.
  • Include the estimated cost in your home budget.

Start developing gift ideas.

  • List all names and dates of people you will be giving gifts to throughout the year. (refer to the lists you created above).
  • Decide on an estimate of how much you will spend on each gift (add estimates together and compare to above-budgeted estimates).
  • Leave some room in your budget for unexpected gifts.
  • Under each name, write gift ideas. Include sizes, favorite colors, and favorite things.
  • On the master gift shopping list, write ideas and watch for sales.
  • Note which gifts may be homemade

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