Valentine’s Day

Budget, Easy to Make Kid Valentines

Easy to make kid Valentines

Easy to make kid Valentines that are economical too. Start with bag candy or cheaper candy and make it special by adding Valentine’s Day candy sayings. Some of the sayings are cute, and some are corny puns, but they all work. Many of the examples have handy printouts you can use or make your own using stamps, stickers or hand …

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Valentine’s Day Romantic Gifts Ideas

Valentine's Day romantic gift ideas

Buying Valentine’s Day romantic gifts can sometimes be tricky. The key is to be thoughtful in your gift-giving. With women, it is best to avoid functional gifts. Gift shopping can be fun if you have some ideas. Valentine’s Day romantic gifts ideas when money is not an issue Dinner at a fine restaurantDinner cruiseHot air balloon rideHelicopter rideHorse and carriage rideWine tasting …

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