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Ten things you should recycle

10 things you should recycle

The following is a list of items to recycle. The first seven items shouldn’t go to a landfill.

Oil and Oil filters

Oil should never be poured on the ground or down gutter drains. Pour your used oil into an empty milk bottle or bucket with a lid. Oil filters should be drained and put in a plastic bag. The remaining oil and the steel from the case are recyclable.  Most service stations and car repair shops accept these products including ‘Jiffy Lube.’ Call around to locate a garage that will.

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Only latex paint may be recycled. Oil-based paint is hazardous waste. Ask friends, neighbors, youth clubs, etc. of they have a use for the leftover paint. Donate unused cans of paint to charity.

Paint Care has dropped off centers for used paint in many states.


Return old car batteries to whoever sold you your new battery.

Many libraries and post offices collect used household batteries. Check to see if yours has this program. If not, Battery Solution accepts mailed in batteries.

 Appliances that can’t be repaired

Check with the local recycling center and scrap waste centers. You may be able to find someone who will remove your appliance for free. Please seeRecycle Steel

Light Bulbs

CFL and fluorescent tubes are considered hazardous waste. Most major home improvement retailers, including Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware, offer free recycling collection for unbroken bulbs.

Car Seats

Some recycling centers accept expired car seats, check with yours or you can break the seat down and recycle the parts

Three things you probably didn’t know could be recycled…


Crazy crayons.com accepts used crayons and recycles them into other products. Color Cycle, sponsored by Crayola, recycles markers.


The Bra Recyclers accept unused and gently used bras.

Greeting Cards

St. Jude’s Ranch takes used greeting cards without writing on the back of the card front.

Additional Info

Car seats have an expiration date printed on them. If your car seat has not expired and was not involved in an accident, you can give it to a new family to use. Do not attempt to recycle expired car seats. If you must dispose of in a dumpster, break the car seat apart or clearly mark as unsafe. Sun and wear make car seats unreliable over time.

Please share with us any recycling suggestions you have.

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