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Organizing Kitchen Counters

Organizing Kitchen Countertops

Start by sorting

Frequency of use

Look closely at what is sitting on your counters. Have you used the item in the last couple weeks? If not, is there somewhere you can store it other then on the counter? Move these items into the cupboards or a storage area. Reminder: never store heavy items in top cupboards.

Broken items

Is something broken and has been that way for awhile? Either put in ‘repair’ box and purchase the parts necessary to fix or toss it. The reality is if you haven’t fixed or used it for this amount of time you probably never will.

Sentimental items

Are you hanging on to a gift you don’t use? Be generous and donate the item to a charity.


  • put like items together
  • put items you use to do similar tasks, together
  • put items close to areas used. For example oils and seasoning are placed near the stove.


See the ideas below.


Remove everything from the counter and thoroughly clean. Clean the splashback and the countertop items and return.

Corralling items

Pedestal cake stand

[pinterest_gallery id=”1264″]

These can be used to organize a variety of things.

  • store dish washing supplies: brush, dish soap, hand sanitizer
  • coffee station: powder-creams, sugar, spoons, etc. Place mugs around bottom of stand
  • seasoning items near stove: oils, salt and pepper, etc.

Instructions on how you can make your own at Just Us Four.

Utensil containers

[pinterest_gallery id=”1263″]
  • crocks
  • pitchers
  • hurricane candle holder
  • painted boxes
  • cans
  • flower pots


[pinterest_gallery id=”1265″]

Using a curtain rod instead of a bunch of individual hooks reduce the amount of holes created in your backsplash. You can hang the rod under the cabinet and avoid all holes in the wall.

What can you hang:

  • hot pads
  • baskets
  • pails
  • small metal baskets
  • utensils
  • small wall hangings with a shelf or basket

You can store dish towels, utensils, cookie cutters, etc in the hung containers.


[pinterest_gallery id=”1266″]

Use a tray whenever you have to group items for quick cleaning of your counter. Items you can use for trays:

  • small pizza pan
  • small jelly roll pan
  • low sided wooden tray
  • ceramic tray
  • low sided baskets


[pinterest_gallery id=”1268″]

Use magnets to attach lightweight items to a metal strip attach to wall/under cabinets or can use the side of the refrigerator. These magnets will usually not stick to stainless steel. Use for spice jars, small baskets, cake decorating sprinkles, etc.


[pinterest_gallery id=”1269″]

Don’t forget pegboards. Always useful when organizing.


[pinterest_gallery id=”1270″]

Can use a door shutter as pictured above or window sized. Using hooks, you can hang a variety of lightweight items. Shutters make a handy mail organizer.

More ideas:

  • use paper towel holder to slip cookie cutters on
  • fill a container with wooden skewers to store knives
  • install under the cabinet coffee makers, microwaves, blenders, etc.
  • use the head of a garden rake to hang utensils or wine glasses
  • make a bread board stand to hold your iPad. Handy if you store your recipes electronically
  • don’t forget the end of your cabinets-hang baskets, a rod or use hooks for items
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Do you have an idea you would like to share? Please comment below.

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