Easy Christmas Storage Ideas

christmas storage ideas

We have gathered some of the best tips we found on DIY Christmas storage. The ideas show you how to use everyday items in new creative ways. Decorating next year would be so much easier if you find your items labeled and put away tangle-free and clean. Check out the ideas and pick the ones that you think will work …

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Cyber Monday Tips

First, make sure any site you are using has https in the address bar. The ‘s’ stands for secure. Hopefully, you know the usual price of the item you are shopping for so you can tell if it is a bargain. Use Google Shopping and Yahoo Shopping to compare prices with other stores. Make one of your first stops  …

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Christmas Gift List Organization for Guaranteed Success

organize gift list

Christmas 2019 gift list organization can be challenging, especially if you are buying gifts for numerous people. You don’t grocery shop without a list, so it is the same for Christmas gifts. Have a plan, and you will find it less hectic and more enjoyable. You will be successful at organizing your gift list and not going broke if you …

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Black Friday Tips

While shopping on Black Friday may be hectic, we have put together tips to make it less stressful. Organize before you go will spare you time and frustration. The first Black Friday tip is to make a budget. Note amounts you would like to pay for each gift. Make a list and include sizes. It may not seem wrong to …

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Christmas Countdown

  Four Weeks Before Christmas Mail packages that are going awayFinish Christmas card list and mail by the end of the weekComplete at least 1/3 of Christmas shopping list by end of weekPurchase emergency giftsBegin holiday decorating-decorate outside, doors, shelves, mantles.Reserve baby-sitter for Holiday partiesIf, haven’t already done so sort through child’s toys and books-donate barely used toys to charityMake …

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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Everyone seems to think their tree decorating efforts do not match their expectations. We have collected some of the best Christmas trees decorating tips on how to give your tree that polish look. Below are the steps involved in decorating your tree. Many of the steps are optional so read through and decide which you want to include. Tree skirt …

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Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

Here is some easy Christmas decorating ideas. With Christmas theme supplies, you can turn what you already have into Christmas decorations.

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Christmas Decorating Bed and Bath

Bathroom – Display red and green glycerin soaps, bath gels and oils– Use Christmas theme soft-soap and hand-lotion dispensers or buy red and green ones. (see below)– Paint holly and berries on plain white dispensers using enamel paint– Put a Christmas ornament inside your soap dispenser. (see below)– Hang garlands or lights around bathroom mirrors and windows– Use window stickees …

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Easy Ideas for Christmas Candle, Plant and Card Displays

Christmas Candles Design Ideas – Change all candles to red, green, white, silver or gold.– Tie a festive ribbon around a candle. (Keep away from the flame). Or tear strips of homespun and make a bow-keep away from flame and use dripless candles.– Decorate a pillar candle to represent each year of marriage. Light every Christmas Eve.– Hollow out apples, …

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Decorating the Christmas Kitchen

Ideas for giving your kitchen a Christmas flare using common items you may already have.

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