June Garden Chores
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June Garden Chores

There are many June Garden Chores as this is the month that temps head above freezing and planting bedding plants begins in Zone 4 gardens. This list of chores is for Zone 4 gardeners. Check with a Master Gardener or your local extension agent for appropriate times for your area.

General to do

Review the gardening budget and record items you have purchased.
Keep a garden journal record when flowers bloom; new plants in your collection-name, when planted, and where you bought it; and overcrowded plantings-also record fertilizers used on plants, amounts, and date. Record the name of insecticides/herbicides used, the amount, date, and effectiveness. Record the butterflies and birds you see in your garden.
Take photos of your garden as it blooms.

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Check pots, window boxes, hanging baskets and tubs for moisture.
Roses: Every 3 days (begin late June) mist.
Roses: Every 3 days cut off spent blooms and pick up fallen leaves.


Water flower, lawn and vegetable beds as needed.
Weed flower and vegetable beds.


Feed birds sunflower seeds

June Garden Chores for Perennials, annuals, and bulbs

Iris-check for borers and treat. Treat other iris problems.
Check garden beds for flowers that did not return
Columbines-remove infected leaves
Treat bugs in the perennial border as you observe them. Get help identifying them using this guide. Continue to the next slide show labeled garden pests.
Pinch leggy annuals and perennials.
Phlox-apply black spot preventer
Deadhead annuals, bulbs, and perennials.


Check roses for insects and treat.
Dust roses for black spot.

June Chores for Trees and shrubs

Continue treating insects as described in the May Garden Chores.
Prune trees with crossed or diseased branches. Do not shape trees at this time. Never prune your oak trees in June.

June Chores for the Lawn

Mow, check for sod worms and rake before mowing (to bring up crabgrass seed.)


Remove Blackberry suckers that grow between rows.
Cut off the tips of Blackberry canes when they reach 30 to 36 inches-forces branching.
Continue to remove flowers and runners from new strawberries.

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June Garden Chores

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