Halloween Fun Activities


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Halloween Fun Activities

Halloween is a time for imagination and the last great voyages to the outdoors. It is a good time to get the family together for activities all will enjoy.

Search for the Great Pumpkin

Yes, you can buy a pumpkin at the supermarket, but it does not have the same excitement as a pumpkin patch. Check to see if the pumpkin patch offers other activities for kids such as mazes, Halloween crafts, food booths or rides. Even without additional attractions the child will have fun running around in search of the perfect pumpkin. The patch may be muddy so dress appropriately.
The pumpkin patch is a perfect photo opportunity. Take pictures of your child each year at the patch and make a collage of the photos over the years.

Fall Fire

If you have a fire pit or a safe place to build a bonfire, family members of all ages love sitting around a fire. Bring blankets and the items for smores. Have some spooky stories to tell as you roast the marshmallows. With children younger than teenagers, these tales should be more silly than frightening. Or look up some Halloween songs you can sing together.

Read Spooky Halloween Stories

Have the kids shut off the TV and the video games; it is time to enjoy some Halloween books. There are many to choose from. Above are some frequently recommended ones. Some are picture books, and others are for older readers. Cuddle together and enjoy a good tale.

Halloween Movies

Have a home movie night. Pop some popcorn mixed with candy corn and other Halloween-themed candy. Serve a green-colored drink. Turn the lights down and enjoy. Above is some suggested movies.

Carve or Decorate Pumpkins

This is a Halloween tradition. Choose the perfect pumpkin and have fun carving.

Corn Maze

Manipulating your way through a corn maze is fun for the whole family. If young children are included, be prepared to carry them if the maze is long. Wear appropriate clothing, shoes that cover the feet, and long sleeves–the corn will be dry and pokey.

Boo the Neighbors

A tradition that is spreading is ‘Booing the Neighbors.” You cook up some treats, sneak them to the neighbors, ring the bell, and run–similar to May Day. Leave a ‘Boo’ sign.

The sign on the door indicates that they have been booed and a different house needs to be picked.

Community Events

Check with your local newspaper and Chamber of Commerce for community activities at zoos or museums. These events are usually fundraisers, so expect to pay a fee to attend. Most include treats for the kids and may offer other activities such as mazes, pumpkin carving contests, Halloween games, bonfires, etc. They usually are fun and worth the money you pay to attend. Look for other events, such as haunted houses or costume balls. You should be able to find events for all ages.

Tombstone Rubbing

Older children may enjoy going to a cemetery and making rubbings of old headstones. Buy big sheets of paper and have available several sharpened pencils. Use the rubbings for decorations.

Create a Scarecrow

Scarecrows are an excellent accent for the fall landscape.

Tell us about your Halloween family traditions.

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