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Halloween Safety Tips

An open door

by Meghan Some Halloween safety tips Trick and treat in groups. There is safety in numbers.Children younger than 12 should have a parent with them.Children older than 12 should stick with familiar, well-lit neighborhoods and go together in a group. Remind them to stay out of the street and to use crosswalks.Children should carry a flashlight or a glow stickDecorate …

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Planning a Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party Planning

Ideas for a Super Bowl Party Planning a Super Bowl Party is easy to do. Remember the main attraction is the game and everything else is the icing on the cake. Super Bowl Decorations: This usually is not an occasion where elaborate decorations are expected. These ideas may be helpful.•Use a green table cloth or a green indoor-outdoor carpet on …

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8 No Sew Kid Halloween Costumes

Eight no sew kid Halloween costumes you can create in no time and are incredibly cute! Get out the glue gun!

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Easy Christmas Storage Ideas

christmas storage ideas

We have gathered some of the best tips we found on DIY Christmas storage. The ideas show you how to use everyday items in new creative ways. Decorating next year would be so much easier if you find your items labeled and put away tangle-free and clean. Check out the ideas and pick the ones that you think will work …

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Helpful Easter Checklist to Make Your Holiday Easier

Helpful Easter Checklist to Make Your Holiday Easier....dobibe.com

Easter checklist that makes planning for Easter simple. Bonus forms that help you keep track of your lists.

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June Holiday Checklist

June Holiday Checklist

Our June Holiday Checklist brings us to mid-year in our Christmas planning. At this point you should have most of Christmas planned and busy working on homemade projects.

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Party Planner

6 to 8 weeks before: Review the budget for the partyMake a list of people planning to invite Plan menuOrder catered food*Organize recipesMake grocery listMake a list of non-perishable itemsDivide nonperishable food into the number of weeks to party. Purchase items on the list every weekPlan colors for the event and decorations needs 5 weeks before: Check serving dishes, linens, …

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Budget, Easy to Make Kid Valentines

Easy to make kid Valentines

Easy to make kid Valentines that are economical too. Start with bag candy or cheaper candy and make it special by adding Valentine’s Day candy sayings. Some of the sayings are cute, and some are corny puns, but they all work. Many of the examples have handy printouts you can use or make your own using stamps, stickers or hand …

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Cyber Monday Tips

First, make sure any site you are using has https in the address bar. The ‘s’ stands for secure. Hopefully, you know the usual price of the item you are shopping for so you can tell if it is a bargain. Use Google Shopping and Yahoo Shopping to compare prices with other stores. Make one of your first stops RetailMeNot.com  …

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Think Green

by Rondi Hillstrom Davis and Janell Sewall OakesTogether: Creating Family Traditions This month, our theme is Think Green. Spring is just around the corner. Even though there is still snow on the ground in many parts of the country, here in the South our daffodils have already begun to bloom. You too, can enjoy a little bit of spring indoors. …

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