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Gifts for mom that are free (almost) for Mother’s Day

Gifts for mom that are free (almost) for Mother’s Day take some thoughtfulness. You are looking for what she needs, wants or appreciates. Here are some tips to get you started.

Gift of a helping hand

  • What mom would not appreciate someone doing her laundry? Or how about cleaning the kitchen and bathroom?
  • Everybody enjoys a clean car interior. Spend some time learning the techniques, get the supplies and give her a shiny interior.
  • Are there repairs needing to be done? Fix whatever you can-such as touch up paint and grout, replace dripping faucets, etc.
  • Do yard work-mow the lawn, clean gutters, do mower maintenance, plant flowers, weed gardens, etc.

Gift of time for mom that are free (almost)

Most moms enjoy spending time with their families. Treat her with:

  • Movie night.
  • A catch-up lunch
  • The promise of weekly coffee meet-ups
  • A home-cooked meal
  • Friend her on social media so she can keep up on what you are doing.

Sometimes mom wants a break from her family.

  • Let her sleep in on Mother’s Day
  • Babysit the kids while she does something fun

Gift of memories for mom that are free

  • Write memories you have of your mother on slips of paper and place in a jar you decorated for your Mother’s Day gift.
  • Write a story or a poem about your mother.
  • Gather old videos and photographs and spend time going through them with your mother.
  • Buy a journal and have family members record their funny, warm and sometimes silly memories.

Misc. gift ideas for mom

  • Everybody enjoys a show put on by their family. Plan a talent show for mom or write a play starring her. Don’t forget to videotape it.
  • If mom has stacks of photos, use your scanner and digitize them. Download onto a flash drive.
  • Or for those who scrapbook, make a scrapbook of some of her or your favorite images.
  • Do you have a talent or hobby she would like to learn? Teach her how to do it.

These are our tips for gift ideas for mom that are free. We are sure you can think of many more. If you can’t pick just one, consider making a coupon book with a variety of the above gift ideas.

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