April Holiday Checklist


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April Holiday Checklist

Our April Holiday Checklist focuses on planning for Mother’s Day, Graduations, and Father’s Day, as well as your Christmas 12-month plan. Stay organized when planning numerous events.

Purchase gifts and cards for May
Start planning June parties

Mother’s Day

Review budget.
Finish homemade gifts
Purchase grocery items from the non-perishable list each week

April Holiday Checklist for the holidays

Plan holiday menus-Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and Day.
Organize recipes and menus together.
– Make a shopping list
– Note non-perishable items 

Plan Holiday parties
How many parties are you going to have and when?
– Make a budget.
Plan menus or refreshments.
Organize recipes
– Make a shopping list
– Note non-perishable items

Gift list
Check for missing names on your gift list, e.g., teachers, cub scout leaders, tips to the hairdresser, etc.


Ongoing Christmas newsletter: Make notes of events that occurred in March.
Photo calendar: Plan the April pictures you must take for your photo calendar. Develop or upload March photos.
Buy 1/10 of budgeted Christmas gifts or place money in savings.
Update the Gift Chest list with new items you have purchased.
Home-made gifts: Refer to the calendar for Christmas projects you should be working on now.
Christmas budget: up-date budget

Father’s Day

Start plans for Father’s Day
-If camping out, list all the equipment you need.
Plan menus.
Organize recipes
– Make a shopping list
– Note non-perishable items
Plan gifts for the day. Mark on the shopping list with gift wraps and cards.
– Are you planning on making some of the gifts? Make a project page in your notebook.
– Mark needed items on the project shopping list


Three weeks before, address and mail invitations.
Refer to your party plan — complete items needing to be done for each week.
Update your budget for the event.


Begin wardrobe planning your next year’s clothing. Spread purchases out over the next several months.
If you are making clothing, create a project page.

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