April Checklist

In April we finish our spring cleaning with the garage and kitchen.

Smoke detectors

  • Test alarms
  • Clean
  • Replace batteries

Check your family bikes routinely for loose, worn or broken parts.

Spring Cleaning

Twice Yearly Kitchen
(check Kitchen Monthly if you haven’t been routinely doing monthly chores)

  • clean doors and inside cabinet thoroughly
  • clean grime around hinges and handles
  • sort and toss items
  • reline drawers and shelves
  • repair scratches
  • polish wooden cabinets
  • re-paint as needed


  • vacuum coils
  • replace light bulbs
  • wax exterior
  • clean floor underneath
  • clean drip pan and tubes
  • dust electrical cords and check for frayed wires


  • defrost
  • wash shelves and bins
  • check for expired food
  • clean exterior and underneath
  • clean drip pans and tubes
  • clean gasket
  • clean around hinges
  • vacuum coils
  • replace light bulb
  • wax exterior
  • update freezer inventory
  • dust electrical cord and check for frays


  • check water temperature
  • check inlet valve screen
  • check hoses and connections
  • clean holes in rotating arms
  • clean gaskets
  • wax exterior


  • replace drip pans
  • replace burnt-out elements
  • clean underneath
  • wax exterior
  • clean electrical cords and check for frays


  • polish/ paint as needed
  • oil hinges
  • WD 40 locks
  • clean sliding door runners

Sharpen knives and scissors
Organize cookbooks and cards
Wash curtains
Polish silver, copper and brass items
Shine pots and pans
Condition unvarnished wooden items and utensils
Clean ceiling fan
Vacuum/wash or paint walls as indicated
Remove and clean electrical outlets and switches
Clean registers and vents
Vacuum ducts
Remove and clean wall hangings
Shampoo carpets
Clear bulletin board
Wash plant hangers
Wash ceiling hung items

  • chains
  • macrame hangers
  • pot racks
  • wind chimes

Free-standing furniture (baker’s rake, microwave stands, bookcases, etc.)

  • remove items from shelves and drawers
  • sort and clean items
  • wash shelves, drawers, and cabinets
  • clean under
  • polish or wax

Inventory and replace as needed

  • dishcloths
  • cleaning cloths
  • cleaning brushes
  • napkins
  • mops
  • sponges
  • scrubbers
  • dish towels
  • brooms
  • hot pads

Check for needed repairs:
loose drawer pulls
sagging hinges on cabinets and doors
check for loose towel bars
check for loose or cracked grout
check the caulking around the sink
check the caulking below windows
sink nozzle needs to be replaced
replace needed water filters
repair squeaky floors
replace loose or damaged floor tiles
check and level appliances
broken light fixtures
broken electrical outlets and switches
check under the sink for leaks
check electrical cords on small appliances



Inspect for insects and rodents. Treat.
Check garage doors: repair and oil.
Check door and window locks. Repair and lubricate.
Cabinets- loose drawer pulls, sagging hinges on cabinets and doors, and check legs
check shelves for sagging
check the caulking below windows
broken light fixtures
broken electrical outlets and switches
check for broken window panes
check window glazing
check all electrical cords
check and maintain power tools

Clean windows.
Clean light fixtures.
Clean walls and shelves with a damp broom.
Wash shelves.
Wash containers and other items set out in the open.
Paint as indicated.
Vacuum smoke alarms/ replace batteries.
Treat stains on the floor.
Clean rugs and mats.
Dump and cull storage spaces

Laundry Room

Check machine hoses
Check dryer exhaust tube and vent for debris and lint
Make sure exterior vent door closes tightly when not in use

Office/ Paperwork

Delete outdated files on the computer
Uninstall programs you no longer use on your computer

Make backup of computer files
Organize computer files
Organize paper files
Organize pictures in your scrapbook or photo boxes

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February Checklist

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April Checklist

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