February checklist

February Checklist

February Checklist is the beginning of spring cleaning. This month we focus on the living room and bathroom.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Time to start spring cleaning and maintenance.

Twice yearly:

Living room

Check for repairs needed and add to the fix-it list

  • Loose drawer pulls
  • Sagging door hinges
  • Sagging or broken hinges on furniture
  • Check caulk below windows
  • Broken light fixtures
  • Squeaky floors
  • Check all electrical cords
  • Broken outlets and switches
  • Scratches on furniture
  • Check working parts of the fireplace
  • Check furniture legs

Clean window tracks and sills
Wash windows
Wash or vacuum drapes
Clean blinds and shutters
Wash curtains
Clean curtain and drapery rods
Clean ceiling fan
Polish metal parts of ceiling fans and wall or ceiling light fixtures
Clean diffusing bowls of wall and ceiling fixtures
Wash or polish woodwork and baseboards
Wash or wax doors and oil hinges
Vacuum, wash or paint walls as indicated

Clean outlets

  • Telephone
  • Cable
  • Electrical
  • Light switches

Replace outlet installation if needed
Clean furnace registers and vents
Clean radiators
Vacuum duct

Remove and clean wall ceiling objects

  • Polish metal and wood frames
  • Clean handwork
  • Clean chains
  • Macrame hangers
  • Windchimes
  • Plant hangers
  • Wash baskets

Vacuum smoke alarms and replace batteries
Wash scatter rugs and mats
Treat carpet stains
Shampoo carpet
Clean under large area rugs
Clean and polish wood floors
Polish and repair wood floors
Move and clean under furniture
Dump and cull bookcases and shelves
Clean and polish furniture
Clean furniture knobs and hinges
Remove cobwebs between legs and underneath furniture


  • Clean and change silk flower arrangements
  • Brush, vacuum, wash or replace lampshades
  • Wash baskets
  • Clean and polish metal objects, e.g., frames and candlesticks
  • Polish glass and mirrors
  • Clean ceramic objects
  • Clean vases and plant pots


  • Sweep out
  • Then clean grate and lining
  • Polish glass doors
  • Brush stonework and bricks
  • Clean and polish metal parts

Dump and sort end and coffee table drawers

Sofa and chairs

  • Vacuum, treat stains and run cushions through no heat setting in the dryer
  • Slipcovers spot clean or launder as indicated
  • Vacuum, spot clean, or shampoo upholstery as indicated
  • Clean and polish wood and metal parts
  • Clean and condition leather
  • Tip over and vacuum bottom of furniture and floor under
  • Dust back of Tv set 

Linen and hall closet

Remove contents
Sort and clean items
Wash shelves and reline
Wash walls and ceiling
Wipe floor and molding
Clean top 
Wash and polish doors. Clean handles and hinges.

February Checklist for the Bathroom

Shampoo carpet and treat stains
Wash/replace the shower curtain
Clean, polish and wax shower curtain rod
Replace shower hooks
Wash windows
Roll out and wash blinds
Wash curtains and shutters
Clean curtain rods
Wash bath mats, toilet cozies, and throw rugs
Clean inside of the toilet tank
Oil/polish all wooden surfaces
Vacuum, wash or paint walls
Clean or paint molding and baseboards
Vacuum heating ducts
Clean or polish doors and doorknobs
Clean pipes under sinks
Remove, clean and sort items stored under the sink
Throw away old meds
Update the first-aid kit
Clean wall hangings

Check for repairs:

Grout around the tub
Toilet seat lose
Toilet functioning properly
Faucets clogged or leak
Drawer pulls and handles broken or loose
Loose tiles
Window sticks
Loose window latch
Broken light fixtures
Towel racks and toilet paper holder broken or loose
Are soap dishes, toothbrush holders, wastebasket and toilet brush worn or broken?
Do linens or rugs need to be replaced?



(Check owner’s manual and with a mechanic for recommended maintenance for your vehicle. Do maintenance essential for warranty.)
Shampoo carpets
Shampoo upholstery
Check gas and brake pedals for wear/replace as needed
Condition leather seats, door panel inserts, dashboard, and wheels
Drain oil and replace the filter.
Clean terminals and cables on battery/ replace fray/cracked cables
Check electrical connections on the starter/alternator.
Check and adjust the drive belt, air pump, and fan belt.
Clean radiator of debris.
Check transfer case and manual transmission lubricant.
Clean condenser grille on A/C.
Check for leaks at connections on A/C.
Check the refrigerant level and transmission fluid.
Degrease engine.
Check wiper blades.
Check windshield washer fluid level, check the hose and clean the nozzle.
Wash vinyl interior.
Lubricate suspension front.
Check the rear axle fluid level.
Grease front end.

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Spring Cleaning

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February Checklist

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