February Best Buys


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February Best Buys

February’s best buys include winter clothing as the store clears merchandise making space for the spring season. Winter clothing may be reduced by 75%. Household goods usually go on sale before stores take their annual inventory. Many February sales occur around President’s Day–watch ads closely during this holiday.

Buy Valentines and Gifts at the beginning of the month for the best selection.

Check stores for clearance of out-of-season shoes, fishing equipment, and summer sporting goods.

Housewares of all types: furniture, rugs, mattresses, silverware, curtains, glassware, and linens. Retailers are clearing their stock before inventory.

President’s Day Sales: Usually feature household goods such as vacuums and small kitchen appliances. Mattresses usually go on sale.

Look for cameras during President’s Day sales.

Winter clothing sales peak this month, with items, marked down as low as one-fourth of the original sale price.

Buy next year’s cards and non-perishable Valentine’s Day items after the Holiday. This is a short sale as merchants are clearing stock before inventory.

Perfume is a popular Valentine’s gift and will go on sale after the holiday. Use for Mother’s Day and birthdays.

Health and Beauty Products: This is heart month, so look for sales on aspirin, vitamins, and other heart-healthy food and products.

Discounts on DIY tax software.

Stores may run two-for-one sales on cell phones.

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