June Holiday Checklist
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June Holiday Checklist

Our June Holiday Checklist brings us to mid-year in our Christmas planning. At this point, you should have most of Christmas planned and busy working on homemade projects. June also brings us Graduations, Father’s Day and planning for the Fourth of July. A busy month.

Purchase gifts and cards for July
Start planning July parties


Update Gift chest list with items purchased.
Update budget.

Collect addresses and make card list.
If making homemade cards, make a sample now. Note supplies needed on the shopping list.
Check for envelopes at an office supply store. Purchase number needed for cards.

Homemade ornaments (for gifts and collections)
-Create a project page for each decoration.
-Mark needed supplies on the shopping list
-Estimated time needed to complete. Mark start and end dates on the calendar.

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Review planned holiday parties:
Plan activities.
-Add items needed to the project shopping list.

June Holiday Checklist for Father’s Day

Review budget.
Finish home-made gifts and purchase store-bought gifts.
Follow party planner


Address and mail invitations three weeks before.
Refer to your party plan — complete items needed to be done for each week.
Update your budget for the event.


Continue plan for school wardrobe. Spread purchases out over the next several months. Check flea markets and garage sales for fill-ins.
Continue following project pages for home-made items.
Update your budget.

June Holiday Planning for the Fourth of July

-Purchase non-perishable items from your shopping list
-Refer to your party plan. Complete items needed to be done for each week.
-Update your budget for the event.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the June Holiday Checklist please comment below.

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Thank you so much for reading. If you enjoyed this blog post, please give it a share!

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June Holiday Checklist

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