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How to Know if Your Computer has been Hijacked

Your computer has been hijacked

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How to know if your computer has been hijacked. Your computer.

  • slows down, crashes or displays repeated error messages
  • won’t shut down or restart
  • has lots of pop-ups
  • re-directs to web pages you don’t want
  • sends out emails you didn’t compose
  • has new toolbars
  • changes your home page

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Additional Info

Malware can install on your computer, phone, iPod and any other device that connects to the Internet.

If you suspect that you have malware, immediately stop shopping, banking and using online sites that require passwords such as email.

Malware stands for malicious software. It may be either spyware or a virus. The purpose is either to cause your device to crash or to spy on your online activity. The thief uses malware to collect your passwords.

The best defense against malware is keeping your browser and security software up to date. Never click on a link unless you know what is being linked. Only download from sites you trust. Block pop-ups and never click on a link found in a pop-up.

Never buy software security from a company that claims they scanned your computer and found problems. This is a scam. They can’t scan your computer without your permission. If they did scan your computer, they used malware to do it.

For steps to take to get rid of unwanted malware visit OnGuard Online .

If you get malware the FTC wants to know. File a complaint at

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