Avoiding problems when you uninstall computer programs


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Avoiding problems when you uninstall computer programs

Uninstalling computer programs helps to speed up your computer and frees disc space. However, avoiding problems when uninstalling computer programs is essential. Use caution.

Do not

Do not delete the shortcuts in the taskbar or your home page. Removing shortcuts will not uninstall the computer program.

Do not go directly into the program file and delete it. This action could leave behind unwanted bits of information affecting your computer’s operation.

If you share the computer, do not uninstall a program without checking with other users.

Do not uninstall the necessary operating files. Verify that the program is a stand-alone that was downloaded or installed using a disc. Do a search using the program’s name to see its function before deleting it. Be careful uninstalling drivers. If in doubt–don’t uninstall.

Do not uninstall programs from Adobe as they operate Flash and other video-like apps.

Do not uninstall programs associated with your computer name or contain Microsoft–if you are using windows.


If you have a disc for the program, follow the instructions on the disc to uninstall it.

Each computer system can uninstall downloaded programs. Below are links to common systems.

Do uninstall unused toolbars.

Do uninstall sample programs that came with the computer. Find these by clicking on a program and see if it still functions.

If you think you may use the program again, when asked if you want to delete user files–click no. This will maintain any files you have created using the program.

Links to tutorials

How to uninstall a program in Windows 10

How to remove programs (Window 7)

How to uninstall programs on Mac computers

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