April’s Best Buys


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April’s Best Buys

The change of season brings deals for spring cleaning, home improvement supplies, and clearance of spring clothing and snow blowers.

Pots and Pans– wedding season is coming. Look for sales on pots and pans and other kitchen essentials. Great gift for weddings, bridal showers, and graduations. Skip buying kitchen appliances–both big and small–until the end of next month.

Spring Cleaning Supplies–Look for deals and coupons.

Vacuums–the second best time to buy vacuums after Black Friday.

Car accessories/services –It is Car Care Month. Auto part stores and car service stations will be offering deals.

Jewelry –stores may offer deals to compete for some of the tax refund money.

Spring clothing–stores clear out their stock, making room for summer clothing.

Homes–more homes go on sale this month than any other month.

Gym memberships–deals continue this month.

Mother’s Day Gifts–Items popular for Mother Day’s gifts may be on sale. All the prices this month will be less than for the same items next month–buy early.

Snow blowers and other snow removal equipment.

Home improvement products–Spring kicks off the season for DIY home projects. Look for deals on replacement windows and building materials.

Thrift stores are full of new merchandise as donations roll in from spring cleaning.

Easter items–after the holiday. Stock up for next year.

Earth Day–look for coupons and specials on organic food and products this month.

Tax Day–be on the lookout for freebies or discounts.

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April’s Best Buys


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