DIY graduation party decor
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DIY Graduation Party Decor

DIY graduation party decor is fun to make, and there are many options to choose from. Pick your theme and colors and start planning from there. Here is a roundup of party decor ideas from Pinterest.

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Greet your guests with an easy to make ‘Congrats’ sign-clicking on the image will take you to the link. Make the sign with paper plates, cut-out letters, and dowels. Or line the sidewalk with pictures of the grad growing up. Laminate the photos so they will be rainproof. You can make a stack of boxes with the year attached to greet your guests.

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Three unique guest book ideas include using a globe, a papier-mache letter and a photo with a large mat. The globe will require a permanent marker and the letter a marker or paint pen. Paint a papier-mache letter the graduate’s favorite color or school colors. The letter could be the first letter of the school, college or a letter from the graduate’s name. Or you can get a poster from the graduate’s future college and sign it.

Themes for Your DIY Graduation Decorations

The theme can be anything that you and the honoree chooses. It can be anything from glam to Dr. Seuses. Here are a few theme ideas to get you started.

The Tassel was Worth the Hassle -the decor is lots of tassels which you could buy, but you can make your own. Put tassels around containers and on other decorations. Makeup mortarboards with tassels. Design and print a sign with the words of your theme.

One smart cookie– A variety of cookies is the main design. Again, make a sign stating your theme and use a few other decorations to complete the decor.

Oh, the places you’ll go-This theme has several options. You can go with a Dr. Seuss book theme, hot air balloons, or maps and globes.

Glam-all about adding sparkle and glitter to your decorations. Cover year numbers with glitter or sequins, buy a table cover that sparkles, or create backgrounds with malar streamers or spray a thin plastic backdrop with gold or silver paint.


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A collection of photos and memorabilia featuring the graduate is usually part of the party decor. You and the grad need to decide on what you want to highlight. It can feature the high school years with pictures of activities, friends, and honors. You can do a collection of photos from each grade in school or a selection of your favorite photos on a wreath. Or you can go big and bold and have a print shop make blueprint size photos that you tape to the walls.

Graduation Caps Used for Graduation Party Decor

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The graduation hat is an obvious choice when doing graduation decor. You can make hats that go on straws. Caps that attach to bottle caps for soda and water bottles. Caps that stand alone. Mortarboard wall decorations and a card box that looks like a graduation cap. You can make a mortarboard cupcakes stand or make a graduation cap out of Cocoa Krispies. Clicking on the above images will take you to the link for how-tos.

Misc. DIY Graduation Party Decorations

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Wrapping book covers in brown paper and tying a bow around makes a simple, quick decoration.

Roll your napkins then tie with a ribbon or a piece of streamer to look like diplomas.

Cut out large year numbers and cover with paper pom poms.

You can have a station for addressing envelopes giving the honoree a headstart on thank-you notes. You could include a simple sign thanking the guests for coming.

If you have a cutting machine, there is a variety of decorations you can make. You can cut out stencils to use to decorate signs, balloons and chalk spray a message on your lawn. You can cut out decals for mugs, banners, and t-shirts. And you can make paper cut-outs.

I hope these DIY graduation party decor how-tos gave you some ideas. Please share yours in the comments below.

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DIY Graduation Party Decor

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