Planning a Super Bowl Party

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Planning a Super Bowl Party

Ideas for a Super Bowl Party

Planning a Super Bowl Party is easy to do. Remember the main attraction is the game and everything else is the icing on the cake.

Super Bowl Decorations:

This usually is not an occasion where elaborate decorations are expected. These ideas may be helpful.
•Use a green tablecloth or a green indoor-outdoor carpet on the table
•Place whatever football items you may have around the room e.g. foam footballs, Number One foam finger, footballs, megaphones, etc.
•Purchase football theme paper plates and cups.

DIY Decorations

•Cut pendant shapes out of felt or paper. Apply team stickers or sayings such as “Go Team” or “Touch down.”

•Make pom-poms. Buy crepe paper streamers in the team colors. Set a ruler on the table, then unroll a strip 8 inches to a foot long (depending on how big you want your pom-poms). Now double back over the strip you just laid down. Repeat doubling back until you have enough strips to make a pom-pom with. It can be as few as six layers. Cut off the crepe paper roll. Grab your strips in the middle and staple them or tie them together with a ribbon. Cut the ends so all are open. Then staple, glue, or tie to a dowel or straw.

Using Super Bowl Printables

An easy way to decorate is to use printables.
•This link has a larger version of the foam fingers. Put them in a bucket with some pom-poms – Use them as a decoration or let friends wave them during the game.
•These little footballs are adorable. Use them for cupcake toppers and food picks. Also, check out the pendants and the game day banner.
• Here are free cupcake wrappers and toppers. There are also drink flags you can tape to straws and table tents you can use to label food.

This website has the following:

  • drink stickers to write names on
  • popcorn box printable
  • snack basket printable
  • pretzel bags

When the teams are identified, do a search of printables that use the team logos. The last link above has banners for every team.

You can do much of the above-using card stock or construction paper. For your template, you can use simple coloring pages with pictures of jerseys, footballs, and pendants.

Super Bowl Party Fun Stuff

•Make penalty flags: Buy bright yellow fabric and cut it into one-foot squares. Grab each piece in the middle and pour some sand into the pocket. Place a rubber band just above the sand. You or your friends can toss them to call your own penalties.
•Ask your guests to come dressed in the colors of one of the teams.
• Print out and play a scrambled word game. Or create your own.
•Match nicknames to the team. The first person to correctly complete it wins.
•Play a Super Bowl trivia game. Divide into two teams. One person acts as a referee and reads the questions.


•Play a bingo-type game with squares filled with what is happening during the football game.
•Commercial Bingo is a fun game. You can fill in the squares or have your guests fill in a blank grid. Items may be talking birds, a make of a car, a brand of beer, a talking mammal, a talking reptile, a brand of chips, someone wearing face paint, and whatever else you can think of. This is played with the same rules as regular bingo.

Super Bowl Party Food

Finger food

Favorites are chips and crudities with various dips; cheese, salami, and cracker trays; soft pretzels and mustard dip; and popcorn. Use 3-step spice racks and various organizers. You can also use tin foil pans. The stadiums eliminate the need for many bowls. Make them as simple or as elaborate as you have the time.

Super Bowl Appetizers

Appetizers such as nachos, meatballs, buffalo wings, jalapenos poppers, cocktail sausages, etc. Place your crockpot, with the cheese mix, on the table and surround it with options people can add to their nachos. Everyone gets to make their nachos to their taste.


For more hardy food, you can serve sliders, hoagies, pizza, chili, casseroles,  tacos, salads, deviled eggs, lasagna, etc. Consider creating food bars where your friends add their additions. Such as a Chili Bar, a Sandwich Bar, and a Taco Bar. Another could be Macaroni and Cheese or a Baked Potato Bar.


Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, crispy rice treats, or fruit pizza makes a nice addition. Wilton Color Mist can change any desserts into your team’s colors. You can cut your cookies, brownies, etc., into football shapes. Don’t have a football cookie cutter? Bend a can that you have cut off both ends into the shape. If you have the time, Rice Crispy treats can be made into cute uniforms. Or just use food dye in your team colors, roll it into balls, or cut it out in squares. Finally, you can make candy popcorn and add M & Ms in team colors.


Depending on the tastes of your guests, serve water, lemonade, sodas in various flavors, beer, jello shots, etc. Have plenty of ice on hand.

Always keep cold food cold and hot food hot. Use ice or a crockpot to keep food at a safe temperature.

Have a fun and successful Super Bowl Party!

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