Easy to make kid Valentines
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Budget, Easy to Make Kid Valentines

Easy to make kid Valentines that are economical too. Start with bag candy or cheaper candy and make it special by adding Valentine’s Day candy sayings. Some of the sayings are cute, and some are corny puns, but they all work.

Many of the examples have handy printouts you can use or make your own using stamps, stickers or hand drawings. Have fun with these Valentine’s Day candy crafts.

Easy to Make Kid Valentines Using Loose Candy

When working with unwrapped candy always wash your hands and use spoons.  Pull your hair back and make an effort to keep the candy germ-free. All the below ideas require small plastic bags and cardstock or heavy construction paper.

Candy pouches–the website has the bear and owl template or you can create your own. She used M & Ms, but you can use any small candy.

Another cute classroom Valentine’s idea is the I got my eyes on you saying. Easy to make with medium size stick-on eyes, white fine tip Sharpie (if you don’t want to use the printout) and cardstock. You can fill with any small candy.

You can mix up your favorite puppy chow and add Valentine colored M & Ms. You can use another Valentine’s Day candy saying such as the one above.

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Valentine’s Day Candy Crafts Using Loose Candy

Even more, ideas that use loose candy.

I’m hooked on you“–use goldfish crackers or gummy fish.

I chews you“–gumballs.

A big bear hug“–gummy bears. The tag is easy to make using a bear paper punch or stamp. The website has a free printable.

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Valentine butterfly–a little more work. This candy craft requires red pipe cleaners, small stick-on eyes, clothespins, and paint. Use any small candy.

Lovebugs” -gummy worms. Free printable

Have a Jolly Valentine’s” -Jolly Ranchers. Free printable

Classroom Valentine Ideas Using Wrapped Candy

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When making Valentines with wrapped candy, you will need tape and glue dots (found in the scrapbook section of craft stores).

Hugs & Kisses” -Hersey kisses. Free printable.

Candy arrows–you will need pink feathers, heart-shaped candy, small rectangle candy, and wooden skewers. The website has instructions.

Olaf frozen pop–super cute printable or try your hand at making one similar to it.

Lip suckers–cut out some lips or mustaches and you have a fun way to enjoy a sucker.

Easy to Make Kid Valentines Without Candy

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Likewise, you can make classroom Valentines using toys that come in a pack..pencils, glow sticks, plastic animals, etc. to keep the cost down.

I think you are just write” -Pencils are always useful and make a cute card. The link is to the printable version of the Valentine. The Cricut version-second picture- can be found here. Or you may prefer “I’ll get write to the point, I like you” version. Or you could attach the pencil to a printed maze-“You are ah-maze-ing

You color my world” –Colors. Collect all the color stubs you can find and break into small pieces. Place in a mold and melt. Instructions and printables are available on the website.

You make me glow“–Glow sticks are always fun and make an exciting Valentine treat. A different glow stick printable “I light up around you“.
And another glow stick printable “You light up my life“.

Sip, Sip, Hooray! It’s Valentine’s Day“–Crazy straws. Another smart non-candy Valentine. Or you can use “You’re ex-STRAW special“.

You will be my Valen-slime“–Mix up your favorite slime recipe and pour it into bags. Use the printable topper or create your own.

More Valentine Candy Sayings

Rawr! You’re Such A Dino-Mite Friend! “–attach small rubber dinosaur.

You make my heart race“, “You drive me wild Valentine” –matchbox cars

“I love you to pieces” –Reese’s pieces

You wormed your way into my heart“–gummy worms.

You make my heart pop” –popcorn

“I am wild about you”–animal crackers, animal print slap bracelets

I’m stuck on you” –stickers

You are a real cutie” -Clementine oranges

You make my heart bounce”, “I like the way you roll” -rubber ball

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Doh’ you want to be my Valentine?” –Play-Doh

I think you are a-doh-able” –Play-Doh

Hey Valentine, I think you are a star“–Starburst candy

Valentine, you are so cool” –sunglasses

One in a Melon Valentine“–melon flavored candy

You are awesome sauce” –individual packs of applesauce

I hope your Valentine’s Day packs a punch” –punch balloon

You probably have some ideas for your kid’s Valentines at this point and they are easy to make. Enjoy! You got this!

Please share your ideas for easy to make kid Valentine or Valentine Candy Sayings in the comments section below.

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