Gift Wrapping: Bows and Tags

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Gift Wrapping: Bows and Tags


  • Tie in metallic rickrack, lace, tinsel or cords into a bow.
  • Wrap the package with natural seagrass, twine or sisal for a rustic look
  • Combine a variety of ribbons, threads, and cords to make lush bows
  • Tuck artificial holly or spruce sprigs into the bows
  • Hot glue on tiny pine cones, walnuts, hazelnuts, moss or excelsior into the bows. Or use instead of a bow.
  • Glue on mini-wooden cut-outs
  • Tie dried orange or apple slices into a bow
  • Tie up bundles of cinnamon sticks with twine and use them as a bow
  • Glue peppermint candies or M & Ms around the bow
  • Capitalize on the recipient’s hobby by tying golf tees, knitting needles, floss, measuring spoons, paintbrushes, etc., into the bows
  • Tie a homemade ornament to the bow
  • For a kitchen gift, use colored plastic scouring pads as the bow.
  • For a sewing gift, use a pincushion as the bow and measuring tape as the ribbon
  • Make pieces of fabric into bows by pressing the fabric between pieces of wax paper with a hot iron
  • Cut brown paper into strips and rubber stamp on a design. Using lots of double-sided tape, fashion it into a bow.
  • Tie thick red yarn around a candy cane
  • Use colorful shoelaces or licorice whips as bows on kid’s gifts
  • Make 6 loops from lace. Mix in 6 loop bow made with 1/8″ satin ribbon.
  • Use popcorn or cranberry strings as ribbon
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  • Attach a wooden ornament with ribbon. Write the recipient’s name on with paint.
  • Cut tree or angel shape from fabric. Attach to bow with string. Write the name of the recipient on with fabric paint
  • From wrapping paper scraps, cut out Christmas shapes. Punch a hole in the top and attach it to the package with a cord.
  • Make sachet sacks out of felt and fill them with potpourri. Write the recipient’s name in fabric paint.
  • Tie a wide bow on the gift leaving a 4 to 5-inch tail. Write the name of the recipient on the tail with a gold pen.
  • Use a wooden spoon for the tag on a kitchen or food gift. Use a marker to write the name on
  • Use a paper doll on a little girl’s package.
  • Tie a cookie cutter on a gift with ribbon. Mark with a paint pen
  • Buy a “gift tag” rubber stamp. Use on brown paper or white shelving paper wrapped gifts
  • Write directly on plain colored bags and paper
  • Layer two different colors of cardstock. Accent with artificial greenery, buttons, etc.
  • Make fabric fused tags. Cut out a piece of cardstock. Cut out fabric and fusible web 1/2″ bigger than cardstock. Fuse web to fabric. Place the cardstock right side up on the wrong side of the fabric. Turn the fabric over the edge of the cardstock and fuse, creating a frame.

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