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Food Gift Containers

*Apothecary jars for home made candies
*For baked goods cross stitch a saying on a corner of a napkin. Line basket with it. Place baked goods on top.
*Jams and jellies. Place in wooden crate. Stencil a saying on the side.
*Buy pretty plates and bowls at garage sales. Use for cookies and other baked goods.
*Casserole. Purchase plastic 9 x 13″ covered casserole dish. Cut a piece of fabric and poster board to fit inside of rim of lid. Apply spray adhesive to wrong side of fabric smooth over poster board. Apply to casserole lid using double sided tape.
*Mixes. Decorated jars or fabric bags
*Tea mixes. Teapots or tea cups
* Plastic boat for summer-related items
*Cowboy or Western theme. Tie with bandana and place in straw cowboy hat.

Cookies frozen Wrap in plastic wrap and place in covered potato chip can

Oatmeal container covered with wrapping paper
Tall clear drinking glass
Cookie jar
Covered Pringle container
Place in fabric covered boxes

*Pasta. Place items in a strainer. Wrap food items in cellophane, colored cling wrap or shrink wrap
*Chinese food. In new Chinese take-out box

For tags use wooden spoons, cookie cutters, etc.

Do you an interesting way to wrap your food gifts? Please share with us below in comments.

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