Food Gift Containers

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Nov 14, 2022 | Gift Ideas, Gift Wrapping | 0 comments

Food Gift Containers

How do you decorate a food container? Food gifts can be challenging as you have to present it in a festive way. We have collected a variety of ways you can “wrap” your food gift.

Homemade candies
Apothecary jars

For baked goods
a saying on a corner of a napkin. Line the basket with it. Place baked goods on top.
Buy pretty plates and bowls at garage sales. Use for cookies and other baked goods.

Jams and jellies
Place in a wooden crate. Stencil a saying on the side.

Purchase a plastic 9 x 13″ covered casserole dish. Cut a piece of fabric and poster board to fit inside the rim of the lid. Apply a spray adhesive to the wrong side of the fabric and smooth over the poster board. Apply to the casserole lid using double-sided tape.

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Decorated jars or fabric bags

Tea mixes
Teapots or teacups

Summer foods
Plastic boats

Cowboy or Western theme
Tie with a
bandana and place in a straw cowboy hat.

Cookies frozen Wrap in plastic wrap and place in a covered potato chip can

Oatmeal container covered with wrapping paper
Tall clear drinking glass
Cookie jar
Covered Pringle container
Place in fabric-covered boxes

Place items in a strainer. Wrap food items in cellophane, colored cling wrap or shrink-wrap

Chinese food
Place in a new Chinese take-out box

For tags, use wooden spoons, cookie cutters, etc.

Do you have an interesting way to wrap your food gifts? Please share with us below in the comments.

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