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Black Friday Tips

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While shopping on Black Friday may be hectic, we have put together tips to make it less stressful. Organize before you go will spare you time and frustration.

The first Black Friday tip is to make a budget. Note amounts you would like to pay for each gift. Make a list and include sizes. It may not seem wrong to splurge on something you want because of the incredible price; however, doing so and doing it more than a few times can quickly destroy a budget.


If you receive emails from some of your favorite stores, check them for deals and any exclusive offers. Make a list of items you are considering buying from each store.

Social media

Check out social media-Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter-where you will find special codes designed exclusively for customers who use social media.

Compare in-store and on-line prices

The next Black Friday tip is to check both paper ads and online ads. Black has all the print ads available. Gotta a Deal has start times for specials both in-store and online.

Download store apps

Some stores offer special prices for people who use their store apps. If you are planning on shopping at specific stores, download their app.

Have coupons bookmarked

Have available any coupons you may be using–either print out or have bookmarked on your phone.

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Download apps to help you:

Black  –Offers real-time ad alerts, a wish list so you can save all your deals in one place, and a search to help you find the best deals.

Amazon Shopping –Allows you to compare in-store prices with hundreds of merchants on Amazon.

ShopSavvy -allows you to scan in the barcode and then compares the price to other stores.

Wikibuy -this app provides a list of coupons that may match the item you are purchasing. I personally save throughout the year using the app.

Remember to compare apples to apples; the model numbers need to be an exact match. Some merchants bring in special models that may not have all the function or quality of the regular item.

If you don’t think the deals are that good, hold out for Cyber Monday.

Price Matching

Most stores do not price match on Black Friday doorbuster specials.  Some stores will price match on other merchandise. Check out store policies online. Pay attention to the list of stores they will price match. Deal News has a list of popular stores and their policies.

Tips for Next Year

Next year pre-shop so you know if the deal is right. Remember toys are the cheapest from June through August. Know which month you will get the best prices for all your shopping needs.

Look through the October ads. Scan the ads and note prices on products you may be considering buying. Make notes of these prices so you can later compare them to Black Friday sales. The items need to be an exact match. Sometimes stores bring in products that lack all the usual features to market on Black Friday.

Next year sign-up for emails from your favorite stores early.

Do you have any tips? Please share in comments below.

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