Christmas Traditions: Decorating

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Christmas Traditions: Decorating

Start some family traditions centered around decorating. Pick one or more of the following ideas.

Family Collections

Start a collection of angels, Nativity sets, Bells, Nutcrackers, Plates, Music Boxes, Cookie Cutters, Teddy Bears, Christmas Books, Father Christmas, Candles, etc.
Add a new piece to the collection every year.

Decorating the Tree

– choose the Christmas tree together, whether you cut down your own or get it from a lot
– Serve the same menu every year. Your choice from chili to Chinese take-out.
– Play carols while decorating
– Decorate the tree on the same day each year, e.g., the day after Thanksgiving.
– Read Psalm: 96 and Ezekiel 17:22
– Give each child a special ornament each year.
– Take a picture of the family in front of the tree.
– Take the family to a tree farm and pick a tree to cut down
– Have a tree decorating party.
– Make new tree ornaments each year. One year could be Baking Clay ornaments, next cross-stitch, and the next glitter pinecones, for example.

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Other decorating traditions

Place a candle in each window.

Leave it burning all Christmas Eve to welcome the Christ Child.
Leave tree and outdoor lights on all night on Christmas Eve.

Old toys

Gather up your and the kid’s old toys. Decorate with bows and or sprigs of greenery. Set on chairs, tables, and floors.

Christmas Pictures

Take a picture of your children each year and place them in a lightweight frame. Hang on the tree or pin to a long ribbon streamer hung on the wall.

Candy Cane Legend

Read the Candy Cane Legend, then hang candy canes on the tree or make a candy cane garland to hang by the front door. Let quest take one as they leave.


Set up nativity except leave baby Jesus out of the scene. Place him in the nativity on Christmas morning.

Jingle Bells

String Jingle Bells on pipe cleaners. Then twist the ends close and hang on all the doors.

Christmas Cards

Pick your favorite Christmas card each year and frame it. Soon you will have a pretty card gallery.

Wreaths and Swags

Make a swag or wreath from the branches you cut off the bottom of the tree, then use it for a family wreath. Have each family member place something on the wreath they are proud of, e.g., an award, favorite toy, dried flowers from a prom, etc.

Picture of the family in front of the tree

Use Christmas cards that have a framed border. Cut out the center of the card and tape the family picture in the opening each year. A collection of these would look cute on a mantle or buffet.

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