Cyber Monday Tips

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Cyber Monday Tips

Cyber Monday tips so you can shop safely and find the best deals.

First, ensure any site you use has HTTPS in the address bar. The ‘s’ stands for secure.

Hopefully, you know the usual price of the item you are shopping for so you can tell if it is a bargain.

Use Google Shopping and Yahoo Shopping to compare prices with other stores.

Make one of your first stops at  This site will inform you of the latest deals and coupons.

According to Retail Me, Not some of the best stores for Cyber Monday are Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Old Navy, etc. Check out their Cyber Monday page for the complete list.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to make a purchase, you will not be charged extra. Disclosure Policy

Don’t forget to add the cost of shipping.  If you want to know if your favorite store has free shipping, Free lists stores. Please note some stores require a minimum order, usually from 50 to 75 dollars. Check to see if the store offers free in-store pickup.

Read the banner on your store’s page–these can have special money-off codes. Sometimes the codes are found at the bottom of the page, so look at both places.

Check out estimated shipping times. Watch your email or check the store website to get your tracking number–available after the item is shipped.

Print out the confirmation for your order.

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