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Valentine's Day romantic gift ideas
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Valentine’s Day Romantic Gifts Ideas

Buying Valentine’s Day romantic gifts can sometimes be tricky. The key is to be thoughtful in your gift giving. With women, it is best to avoid functional gifts. Gift shopping can be fun if you have some ideas.

Valentine’s Day romantic gifts ideas when money is not an issue

Dinner at a fine restaurant
Dinner cruise
Hot air balloon ride
Helicopter ride
Horse and carriage ride
Wine tasting lesson
Dance lessons
Romantic getaway


Flowers are always a favorite. Be aware that the prices for roses spike the week before Valentine’s Day. If a dozen roses are too expensive, consider single rose steam. You could purchase her/his favorite flowers in Valentine colors. Other options are a potted plant or a silk flower arrangement. Silk flower arrangements can get expensive, but they last for years. If the person is a gardener, they may like seeds and bulbs.


Boxes of candy are everywhere, but you could consider other chocolate options such as chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate fondues, and body paint. A fun gift would be a candy bar bouquet created with all his/her favorite candy bars. These are easy to do; check out Pinterest for ideas.  Also, check out Easy to Make Kid Valentines That Are Budget Friendly for cute sayings.


Balloons are always a favorite and appears to be very popular given all you see bobbing in cars at this time of year. They also last longer than flowers.

Spa Gifts

A favorite for many people and could include:

Massage Oils
Certificate to a spa
Gift certificate for a massage
Massage lessons that you both attend
Robe and slipper
Body and bath gift basket


Dinner at a favorite restaurant
Order in from a favorite restaurant. It can be as simple as pizzas if it is their choice
Cooking your loved one’s favorites

Other romantic gifts

Cologne or perfume
Candle set
Photo gift in a unique frame
Write love poems. One of the best gifts if you have the talent
Write a note telling the person why he/she is special
Serenade your lover
Lingerie –not the cheap stuff made of polyester but a beautiful set.
Jewelry from simple to costly that has a special meaning
Make a coupon book redeemable for a variety of things–massages, chores, outings, etc.

Naughty Gifts

Strip pole
Naughty lingerie set
Romantic game

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