Easy Thanksgiving DIY Decorations: Budget Friendly


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Easy Thanksgiving DIY Decorations: Budget Friendly

Decorations can add a festive mood to a Thanksgiving day meal. This article has gathered a collection of easy Thanksgiving DIY decorations that won’t break the bank. The key is to use what you have and low-cost add-ins.

Tour your backyard for items like twigs from bushes and trees (those with berries are great), leaves, pinecones, acorns, berries, seeds, and grass heads.

Gather from your cupboards: vases, jars, cake stands, wood crates, and tin containers

Check out your grocery store for mini and medium-size pumpkins and gores, apples; Indian corn; and cranberries.

Finally, look for artificial leaves, cranberries, mini pumpkins, Indian corn, raffia, jute, candles, and ribbon at a discount or hobby stores.

Once you have everything together,  let’s check out ideas for easy Thanksgiving DIY decorations on Pinterest. Clicking on the images will open the Pinterest page.

Clear vases and jars

Glass vases, mason jars, bowls, and cake stands make excellent containers for easy Thanksgiving  DIY decorations. Moreover, these containers can be used again for other holidays.

Fill tall vases with twigs and artificial leaf sprigs for a simple yet beautiful display. However, bittersweet twigs with berries are attractive as is. Fill smaller containers with acorns, cranberries or mini pumpkins, or gores.

Choose a pedestal cake stand over a flat cake stand. If you don’t have one, use silicone to attach a candlestick to a flat plate.  Start by layering real or artificial leaves over the plate, then add pumpkins, nuts, pine cones, seedpods, etc. Start at the center of the plate and work out. Your first layer will stay as put, but if you start layering on top of your first row, you will need to hot glue to the lower layers.

Use clear vases and jars as candle holders.

A few broken twigs make a simple statement in a vase of water with a floating candle. The mixed fruit floating candle comes from eHow. Lastly is a mason jar wrapped with leaves using mod podge. Of course, this takes a little time to do, but it is an easy Thanksgiving DIY with beautiful results.

Homemade Decorations for the Table

Crates, boxes, and more

There are various objects to use as containers for your Thanksgiving table decorations. For example, you can use wooden crates, baskets, galvanized tubs and buckets, small drawers and boards–including old barn wood, or an extra leaf from your table. Start your design in the middle with the biggest and tallest objects working out to nuts, leaves, and other small objects at the edges. If you use this on your dining table, add edible fruit such as grapes.

Fun DIY table decorations

Buy burlap by the yard from your craft store for a budget-friendly table runner. The runner needs to be the length of your table plus the length of the end overhang x2.  Tie the runner with jute or ribbon. If you want to add a saying to your runner, using paint and a stencil makes it a quick project.

Easy Thanksgiving Door Decorations

You can make door decorations that are not wreaths. Suspend pinecones on strings making a cascade. The second door decoration uses a basket with “thanks” stenciled. Then artificial flowers or any fall-themed item can be glued to the bottom. Finally, there is a thankful tree. To create, hold a group of twigs upright using peddles. Your family or guests write what they are grateful for and attach it to the tree. More gratitude tree ideas can be seen at Thanksgiving Gratitude: Ideas and Activities. 

I hope this gives you some ideas for creating easy Thanksgiving DIY decorations. Please share any ideas you have.

Thank you so much for reading. If you enjoyed this blog post, please give it a share!


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