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Gift Wrap Ideas: Cans, Pots and Jars


Types–Recycled popcorn can, large juice can, galvanized buckets, vegetable cans, potato chip cans or new empty paint cans

*Using paint designed for metal, paint on a base coat. When dry paint on a design or use a stencil

*Crackle-finish a can

*Wrap with strips of fabric or ribbon

*Glue on wooden cutouts

*Decoupage on a picture

*Wrapping paper. Measure size of can and add 1/2″ to width. Cut out wrapping paper to measured size. Apply spray adhesive to wrong side of paper. Apply to can.

*Create a label using a computer or hand-drawn. Glue to can.

*Draw a simple design on the can. Using a nail, punch the design shape.

*Glue long cinnamon sticks or candy canes around can. Tie with a red bow


»See basket section for fill-ins for your container


Clay pots

*Gild. Paint on dark basecoat and let dry. Dry brush metallic gold or silver paint over.

*Gild rim only

*Weathered look. Basecoat in a dark color. Let dry. Paint lighter color over. Let dry. Gently scrub the pot to remove some of the light paint. Seal with spray sealer.

*Sponge paint. Apply base coat and let dry. For second color choose paint that is lighter or darker. Dip a dampen sponge into paint, remove excess paint on paper towel. Use light stamping motion to paint with.

*Stencil a design on the pot

*Decoupage a picture to the pot.

*Paint a picture on the pot.

*Splatter paint. Apply sealer and let dry. Apply basecoat of paint. Let dry. Thin accent paint. Splatter on colors. Occasionally splattering some basecoat paint.


»See basket section for fill-ins for your container

»To make a lid for your pot: Glue a knob to the bottom of the pot’s saucer. Paint knob and saucer the same as the pot.

*Fabric covered jar lids: Draw around the lid. Cut a fabric circle 1 1/2″ to 3 1/2″ from the drawn line. Center fabric over lid and secure with rubber band.

*Ribbon. Cut 9″ piece of wired ribbon. Notch ends. Center over mason jar and screw on lid.

*Solid lid e.g. pickle jar. Draw around lid on wrong side of fabric. Cut circle 1/4″ inside drawn line. Glue to top.


*Other jar toppers
Paper doilies
Lace handkerchief
Batten burg lace square
Paper from brown sack
Wrapping paper
Tissue paper


*Decorate fabric or paper toppers
Cross stitch
Rubber stamp


*Tie around top with
2 or 3 colors 1/8 or 1/4″ wide ribbon
Wired stars


*Decorate tie with
Dried apple slices
Fake greenery
Silk flowers
Jingle bells
Wooden cut-outs


*Wrap jar with paper or fabric.
Measure around jar and cut fabric or paper 2 1/2″ x determined measurement + 1/2″. Hot-glue onto jar.


*Decorate the jar
Paint on a design using glass paint
Etch on a design
Stencil on design using clear fingernail polish. Sprinkle while wet with glitter

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