Easy Ideas for Decorating Your Kitchen for Christmas


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Easy Ideas for Decorating Your Kitchen for Christmas

– Remove cups from a mug rack and replace them with ornaments
– Tie cookie cutters onto a kitchen curtain rod with a piece of long yarn or ribbon.
– Cover a small tree with edibles or tie on cookie cutters. Buy a child’s play baking set and use the pieces for ornaments.
– Tie bows and bells to drawer pulls
– Tie a ribbon with a bow around the cupboard front
– Suspend a wreath from each top cupboard door.
– Fill a ceramic bowl with silver cookie cutters. Decorate with holiday picks and candy canes.
– Put a votive candle inside a four-sided grater. Tie a bow to the handle.
– Make swags of dried red chili peppers or dried fruit. Hang around pot racks, windows, doors, or on tops of cupboards
– Line the back of cupboards with Christmas paper.
– Line shelves with bright Holiday towels.
– On top of a glass cake stand, place shiny Christmas balls, sprigs of greenery, and small pinecones.
– Use glass jars filled with olives, tomatoes, pickles, red peppers, etc., to create a red and green display.
– Hang ornaments or Holiday picks inside hanging baskets or twist-around handles.
– Replace soap dispenser with Holiday theme one.
– Use Holiday theme tea towels and potholders.
– Place Christmas theme magnets on your refrigerator.
– Fill muffin tins with tea lights and peppermint candy.
– Replace the throw rug with a holiday theme one.
– Use bows, sprigs of greenery, pinecones, or holly to decorate your décor.
– Replace seat cushions with Holiday theme fabric.
– Tie a wreath to the back of chairs
– Use a quilt with Christmas colors as a tablecloth.
– Fill the crockery bowl with scented pinecones, dried apples, and orange rings.
– Fill a colander with ornaments, pinecones, holiday sprigs, or candles.
– Tie organdy Christmas aprons to the curtain rod for a valance.

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