Christmas Amaryllis–When and How to Plant

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Christmas Amaryllis–When and How to Plant

Christmas amaryllis is a bulb planted mid-fall to bloom at Christmas or New Year. They form beautiful big blooms above the long strappy foliage. The bulb is easy to plant and raise.

How to plant your Christmas amaryllis

You can buy either the amaryllis bulb or an amaryllis kit that includes the bulb, pot, and soil. The bigger the bulb–, the bigger the blooms will be. The container for a single bulb should be 6-7 inches in diameter. The pot needs to be at least one inch bigger than the bulb and twice the bulb’s height. If planting three bulbs in one pot, use a 10-12 inch pot. You will also need well-draining potting soil. Your container needs drainage holes.

Plant your bulb 7 to 10 weeks before Christmas.

Soak the bulb in lukewarm water for a few hours. Add water to your potting mix and stir. The mixture should be moist, not soggy. Let soak for 15 minutes. Add half of the potting mix to your pot. Place the bulb on top. Add the remaining potting soil until it reaches the neck of your bulb. Press the potting mix down firmly. The tip of the bulb should be above the rim of the pot.

Care for your amaryllis

Keep the bulb warm. The warmer the temp, the faster the bulb will sprout and grow. You can use bottom heat, such as placing it on top of the refrigerator.  Water the bulb when the top inch of the soil is dry to the touch. If the soil is covered with Spanish moss, remove the moss before watering. Drain the pot in the sink or empty any water in the saucer after watering.

When greens appear, fertilize your plant with half-strength fertilizer every time you water. Move your Christmas amaryllis to a sunny window. Rotate the pot frequently to prevent the plant from leaning toward the light. You may have to support the flowering stalk. Use caution when staking so you don’t damage the bulb.

Move the plant out of the sun when the flower buds open. For display ideas, see Easy Ideas for Christmas Candle, Plant, and Card Displays.

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