Easy Ideas for Christmas Candle, Plant and Card Displays


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Easy Ideas for Christmas Candle, Plant and Card Displays

Christmas Candles Design Ideas

– Change all candles to red, green, white, silver, or gold.
– Tie a festive ribbon around a candle. (Keep away from the flame). Or tear strips of homespun and make a bow-keep away from flame and use dripless candles.
– Decorate a pillar candle to represent each year of marriage. Light every Christmas Eve.
– Hollow out apples, pears, oranges, or artichokes. Place a votive candle inside. (Make hallow only big enough to hold the candle.)
– Spray tiny terra cotta pots gold. Place candles inside.
– Floating candle: Fill a quart jar with greenery. Add cranberries. Fill with water and add a floating candle on top.
– Fill a quart jar or a vase half-full with hard Christmas candy. Insert a tapered candle.
– Fill a clear vase half-full with tiny ornaments and insert the candle.
– Place candles in clay pots. Fill the space around the candle with greenery or berries.
– Set votive candles in a clay pot saucer. Fill around with Epsom salt.
– Turn a wine glass upside down and place a votive on top. Decorate the dome with bulbs, artificial greenery, etc.

Decorating Plant Pots for Christmas

– Group plants together and tie a Christmas ribbon around the pots.
– String lights or tie tiny ornaments on large houseplants.
– String Christmas ribbon through a wire planter.
– Tie little red balls to the eucalyptus or rosemary plant.
– Don’t forget Christmas blooms- poinsettias, amaryllis, or Christmas cactus.
– Decorate poinsettia by weaving gold stars in the branches or sprinkling gold glitter over them. Tie a bow to the pot.
– Insert Christmas theme plant picks, which can be ornaments, packages, or natural in theme.
– Place pots in buckets or baskets and attach a bow
– Cover the soil with moss, small pinecones, fake ivy, nuts, or ornaments
– Decorate the pot with Christmas wrapping paper or sheet music. Use twine to attach dried fruit. Tie a ribbon around the pot and attach a Christmas ornament, pinecone, or a Christmas greeting

Christmas Card Displays Ideas

– Attach Christmas ribbon to a door, cabinet, or wall. Tape Christmas cards on.
– Use a shutter
– Attach twine across the space of an empty picture frame. Use miniature clothespins to hold the cards.
– Attach chicken wire to an empty picture frame.
– Use a section of lattice to clip your cards to
– Put twigs in a vase or bucket
– Attach to a garland you have placed on a door or staircase.
– Dangle by string or ribbon from a wreath. Or create a wreath by clipping decorated clothespins (painted or using Washi tape) to a circular frame.

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