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It's A Fun Thing for Easter

It’s A Fun Thing for Easter

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It’s a fun thing for Easter is a collection of kid approved crafts.

Tissue Covered Plastic Eggs
•Cover a plastic egg with a strip of tissue paper that has been dipped in liquid starch. The color of the tissue paper will remain unchanged so pick yellow for a chick, white for a lamb, beige for a person, etc.
•Smooth out the wrinkles. Note: you won’t be able to get rid of all of them.
•Let dry
•Decorate the egg with sequins, cotton balls, lace, net, fake fur, thin ribbon, small feathers, braid, construction paper or poster board cut-outs, pipe cleaners, yarn and small silk flowers.
Printed tissue paper will give you a pretty design that doesn’t require embellishments.

Styrofoam Easter Shapes
•Cut an egg, cross, butterfly, bird or whatever you desire out of the center of a Styrofoam dinner plate.
•Color it with crayons, markers or paints.
Or trace the shape on a piece of wrapping paper and cut out. Glue the wrapping paper shape to the Styrofoam shape.
•Decorate the Styrofoam shapes with lace, felt, yarn, Rick-rack, ribbon, or buttons.

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Tissue paper eggs
•Inflate and tie a small balloon.
• Mix white glue with water.
•With a brush apply glue to a small part of the balloon.
•Stick a piece of tissue paper to the balloon.
•Continue brushing on glue and applying tissue paper until the whole balloon is covered.
•Let dry on wax paper
•Cut a small slash and pop the balloon
•Decorate the egg with ribbon, sequins, braid, buttons, yarn, etc.
Variation: Carefully cut an opening in the front of the egg. Create an Easter scene inside the egg.

Glitter Eggs
•Blow out the eggs and decorate.
•Fill the eggs part way with glitter and fine confetti.
•Apply stickers over the egg’s holes.
Children try to sneak up on someone and crack the egg over their head.

Egg heads with Grassy Hair
•Carefully remove the top off a egg. Empty the egg’s contents into a bowl. Wash the egg thoroughly and let dry.
•Draw a face on the egg and color with crayons, paints or markers.
•Fill the egg shell with potting soil.
•Sprinkle rye or wheat grass on the surface of the soil and mist with water.
•Put the egg in a plastic bag and place the bag in a warm spot.
•Keep the soil moist until the grass sprouts in about 6 to 10 days.
Variation: Cut a milk cartoon down half-way. Decorate your milk cartoon basket. Fill it with dirt and follow the instructions above for growing grass. Once the grass has grown place real or plastic eggs in the basket.

Easter Bonnets
•Collect old hats or purchase some from a flea market
•Have a contest to see who can make the prettiest or silliest Easter Bonnet.
•Decorate the hats with acrylic paint, ribbons, lace, silk flowers, paper dollies, old earrings, necklaces and brooches.

Hang the finished hats on hooks, on the back of a chair or turn upside down and place plant pots inside. Or cut the center out of a paper plate and decorate the rim,

Jelly bean feeders
Chicken feeders are fun candy dishes. Pour the jelly beans into the jar (1 quart canning jar) of the chicken feeder. Screw on the lid and turn-over. The jelly beans will drop into the feeding tray replacing those that have been removed.

Easter Scene
•Fill a shallow tray with potting soil.
•Make a small hill on one side of the tray.
•Insert a small pot side-wise into the hillside for the cave.
•Cover the hill with moss or grass.
•Make 3 crosses from twigs and place on the top of the hill.
•Find a rock that will cover the front of the pot.
•Make a gravel path to the tomb (the pot).
On Easter morning the stone is placed to one side of the pot showing the empty tomb.

Marbled Styrofoam eggs

We have all seen the directions to use shaving foam on your eggs, but you can’t eat them. This craft uses the same concept.

Insert a wood skewer in one end of a styrofoam egg. Use this to hold on to the egg while you paint it.

Spray shaving foam into a foil container or on a cookie sheet (if you don’t mind doing the clean-up afterwards). Drop liquid food dye randomly onto the shaving foam. Use a skewer or a craft stick to draw lines through the foam partially blending the colors.

Roll the painted eggs in the foam. Sit them in another foil container to dry for 30 or more minutes. Carefully scrape the foam off the eggs finish up removing foam by patting with a moist paper towel. If you get too aggressive, you will remove the dye.

Seal with Mod Podge (optional).

What is your favorite Easter craft for kids?

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