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Easter tree

Easter Tree

You will need a small branch for your tree or you can tie two sticks together to form a cross. You can spray paint the branch or twigs silver, gold or white if desired. You will need a pot filled with either sand or Plaster of Paris to stand your tree or cross in. Cover the top of the sand or plaster with artificial grass, moss or shredded paper. You could use a small artificial Christmas tree instead.

Decorations for the tree

Decorated eggs

•See decorating eggs for ideas. Use blown eggs.
•You will need to attach a string or ribbon to the egg for hanging. Insert a thin crochet hook through both of the eggs holes. Tie a ribbon or string to the end of the crochet hook and draw the crochet hook with the end of the ribbon back through the egg. Tie a fat knot at the end of the ribbon or string. Tie the ribbon or string at the other end of the egg to the tree. If desired you can create bows with wired ribbon and glue these to the top of the egg.
Or make tissue paper covered plastic eggs. Hot glue a wired ribbon bow to the top of the egg and tie to the tree with clear fishing line.
Or make Styrofoam Easter shapes. Punch a hole in the top of the shape and insert a ribbon for hanging.
Tissue paper eggs Firmly glue a wire bow to the top and tie to the tree with clear fishing line.

Glue small silk flowers to the branches.

Bread or cookie ornaments

•You can use thawed frozen bread dough or your favorite sugar cookie recipe.
•Roll dough 1/2″ thick.
•Cut-out Easter shapes with cookie cutters.
•Poke a hole at the top of the ornament. This hole will be used for inserting the ribbon or string for hanging the ornament.
•You can decorate the ornaments with red-hots, cloves, raisins, currants, sprinkles, or dredges.
•Allow the bread dough to rise.
•Bake the bread dough until golden brown or the cookies until done.
•Let cool. If desired, you can decorate with a thinned powder sugar icing or glaze with syrup.
•Cut a piece of string or ribbon and insert through the top hole. Tie the ribbon or string to the tree or cross.

Jelly bean strings

The procedure for stringing jelly beans is the same as that used for stringing cranberries. Give an older child a threaded large needle and have him string 3 to 6 jelly beans on the thread. Tie the ends of the jelly bean strings to the tree.
Or use beads instead. Make your tree shine with clear faceted beads, pearl seed beads and gold balls.

Picture ornaments

Cut out pictures of Easter symbols and glue to colored cardstock. If desired, you can decorate with thin braid, lace, ribbon, beads, or tiny silk flowers. Punch a hole at the top of the ornament and insert a ribbon for hanging.

Craft store finds

In the craft section of stores you will find small mushroom birds, feathered birds, and butterflies. These finds can be either glued to the tree or tied to the tree with fishing line.
• While in the craft section, look for buttons that can be slid onto the end of branches. Plain buttons with four holes work best.

Cookie cutter ornaments

Look for Easter cookie cutters without backs-open frames. Decorate the cookie cutter with ribbon, lace, and small flowers. Attach a ribbon to the top of the cookie cutter for hanging.

Use your imagination and I am sure you will discover more ideas for decorating your tree e.g. tying small twigs together for crosses or origami flowers and birds. We would love to hear your ideas for Easter Tree Ornaments, please share them with us.

What is your favorite kid’s crafts for Easter?

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