Dispose of household products
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How to Dispose of Household Products

How to safely dispose of household products when some of these products cannot be thrown in the trash as is. Periodically check your garage, garden sheds, under sinks and other storage areas for used items that need to be tossed.


Always return car batteries to whoever sold you the new one. See 10 Things You Should Recycle for disposing of household batteries.


Brake fluid

Pour kitty litter into the extra fluid and leave the lid off. It should evaporate in a couple of days. Then dispose of in the trash. Always check the label for recommended disposal.

Used antifreeze

Check with automotive stores, local government or recycle center for recommendations. Earth911 has a search for local facilities that accept antifreeze. Many of these facilities will take other used automotive fluids. Do not mix antifreeze with other liquids.


See Disposal of Medications for the how-to.


Latex paint can be recycled-ask family, friends and local organizations if they want it. If not, see if you have a local Paint Care or Earth911 facility. Your last option is to dry out your paint. If you have a small amount open the lid and let dry out. For more significant amounts you will need to add kitty litter or something else that will absorb the paint. Most waste facilities will allow you to toss out dried up paint (check with yours). Leave the lid off the can when disposing of.


Never pour unused garden products down drains, toilets, or in storm drains. Never dump in ditches.

Ask neighbors and family if they can use remains.

Mix only the amount of pesticides or herbicides you are sure you will use eliminating left-overs.

Use precautions when handling pesticides. Use the same recommended protective gear while disposing of as when using the product.


Check out National Pesticide Collection Centers for a location near you. AnEarth911 facility may also accept pesticides. See Disposal of Pesticides for more information. Always keep pesticides in their original containers and never reuse the container. Rinse out the container–away from storm drains– before tossing in the trash.


Follow directions on the label or call the toll-free number. Most empty herbicide containers can be tossed in the trash. Concentrated herbicides will need to have the container rinsed three times. Fill container 1/4 full of water. Drain the rinse water out into a tank sprayer. Repeat two more times. Spray contents of the sprayer in an area that herbicides won’t harm-such as the area you used it on.

Household cleaners

Most household products can be poured down the drain. Items such as furniture polishes, drain cleaners, and oven cleaners, may need special handling. Check out the label for disposal instructions or call the toll-free number. See if you can recycle the container-call recycle center, waste disposal service or your city office for information. Refer to How to Dispose of Household Cleaners for more information.

Propane tanks

Check if the store you purchased it from has a take-back program. Call your waste disposal service for rules associated with pressurized tanks. Call local recycle centers and home hazard waste facilities.

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Disposal Of Medications
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How to Dispose of Household Products

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