49 Gifts for a Car Buffs

Do you have on your list someone who really likes their cars? Below are gift ideas for the car enthusiast of all ages-teens, college students, adults, men, and women. We have included gifts for those who like to detail their cars, road emergency gifts, and some add-ons to make their ride more pleasant.

You can gather smaller items and place them in a basket.

OccasionBirthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Anniversary, Father’s Day

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Car care kit

Fill a car basket with any of the below. Tie on a cheery Christmas bow.
Car wax
Armor All
Car sponge
Tire gauge
Litter bag
Quart of oil
Certificate for an oil change
Car wash coupons
Window squeegee
Tire cleaner
Spot remover
Leather and vinyl repair kit



Travel mug
Mileage log
Steering wheel cover

Air freshener
Visor organizer

CD holder
Key chain
Seat belt cushion
Ice scraper
DVD on car maintenance
Car Magazines or book
Car scan tool

Car bra
Car cover
Car racks
Air compressor

Car cell phone charger

Safety and emergency kit

Tire iron
Fire extinguisher
Jumper cables

Car emergency kit
Emergency candle
Survival blanket
Reflector triangle
Work gloves
Stocking cap
Deicer spray

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