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baked food gifts
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Baked and Sweet Food Gifts


Pumpkin bread
Baked in a can. Decorate the can (see gift wrap).
Tie on a bow with an ornament attached.

Homemade breadPlace in bread basket with bread napkin and recipe.

Fill mixing bowl with:
Gingerbread mix
Instructions card
Decorations-red hots, circular peppermints, and silver dredges
Small tubes of colored icing
Tie boy and girl cookie cutters on the bow.

Corn bread
Corn bread mix
Instruction card
Jar of salsa
Corn stick pan

Cookies-See below

Coffee cake
Homemade coffee cake wrapped with:
Coffee mugs

Coffee beans or assorted coffee mixes

Biscuit mix wrapped with:
Instruction card
Biscuit cutter
Rolling pin
Honey jar

Homemade biscuits with:
Honey jar
Spreading knifes
Jams and jellies

Muffin mix
Insert muffin mix into a hot pad
Instruction card
Muffin tin


Slice and bake
Make up a batch of refrigerator cookie dough. Wrap cookie dough with colored plastic wrap or place in decorated potato chip can. Include instructions on how to bake.

Cookie fixings
Place the following on a cookie sheet:
Favorite cookie mix
Instruction card
Cookie cutters
Chocolate chips
Decorative icing set

Fortune cookies
Make fortune cookies and include your own personalized fortunes.

Basic cookie recipe
Fill cookie jar with a basic cookie mix.
Include as many recipes as you can come up with using the basic mix
Cookie cutters

Desserts and treats

Pretty pie plate

Pie crust mix
Cinnamon shaker
Rolling pin
Jar of preservers

Fill tart dish with:

Number of apples called for in a recipe
Other dry ingredients

Ice cream
Ice cream scoop
Maraschino cherries
Assorted chopped nuts
Sundae glasses and spoons

Coupon for ice cream

Fudge assortment
Make up a variety of fudges:
Dark chocolate
White chocolate
Peanut butter

Chocolate lover
Hershey bars
Chocolate cake
Chocolate truffles
Chocolate syrup
Cocoa mix
Chocolate covered pretzels
Chocolate dipped spoons

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