College Student Gifts They’ll Love

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College Student Gifts They’ll Love

Navigating college is no easy feat; college students have many varied needs. Between classes, studying, extracurriculars, and maybe even a part-time job on the side, there’s hardly any time for the basics, like doing laundry and cooking.

That’s why practical and useful college student gifts are always appreciated—from the freshman who just moved in and needs some kitchen supplies to help with meal planning to the graduating senior searching for the perfect present to get them off to a successful start with their new career. Luckily for those looking for college student gifts, we have something for everyone!

Occasions: Graduations, Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah

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Late-night study basket

Dried fruit
Energy bars
Packets of exotic teas and coffees
Hot chocolate mix

Coffee/Hot cocoa mug

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Many college students are responsible for doing their own laundry; giving them helpful gifts like essential laundry supplies is an excellent way to make life easier. Things like detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets can go a long way in helping college students preserve their clothing and keep them looking fresh. In addition, investing in a quality garment steamer or wrinkle-release spray will help college kids look sharp no matter the occasion. Providing college students with top-notch laundry necessities is an ideal student gift that will be invaluable to their college experience!


Dryer sheets or wool balls

Roll of quarters

Certificate for mending

Portable steamer

Laundry basket/ bag

Laundry Bag
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Sewing kit

Gift cards

For college students who are always on the go, a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or convenience store is always appreciated. You could even get a few gift cards to different places so college students can mix and match their food options.


There’s nothing better than college students receiving much-needed gifts to help them cook in their room! Whether it’s basic pantry items like cooking oil, spices, condiments or simple kitchen appliances like microwaves, slow cookers, and electric kettles – college students can get everything they need to prepare easy meals without ever leaving their dorm rooms. Throw in an adorable apron for those Instagram-worthy moments when the meal is ready, and you have the perfect college student gift – one that any college student will love and use every day.

College Student Cookbook

A college student cookbook can be the perfect gift for college students who want to learn how to make simple and tasty meals. Pick a cookbook focusing on easy recipes with limited ingredients so college students can save time and money while still eating well.

Microwave pasta maker

A microwave pasta maker can be a lifesaver for college students who are short on time. With this handy college student gift, they can cook delicious pasta meals in minutes — perfect for those nights when they’re running late and need something quick to eat.


College students who don’t have access to a full kitchen will find that a microwave oven is an invaluable gift. With this college student gift, they can quickly make all their favorite dishes and snacks in minutes!


College students often don’t have the time to prepare a healthy breakfast or snack. A good quality blender can be a college student’s best friend. With one, college students can easily make smoothies and shakes as fast as they can drink them!

Small refrigerator

College students need a reliable way to store their food, and a room-size refrigerator is a perfect gift for students who don’t have access to a full kitchen. This college student gift will help college students keep their perishables fresh without having to leave the comfort of their dorm rooms.

Instant pots

College students need easy and convenient ways to make delicious meals, and an Instapot is the perfect college student gift. With this college student gift, college students can whip up tasty dishes in minutes. Check to see if allowed.


For a more personalized touch, consider making them something special. College students often appreciate handmade gifts from family or friends. If you’re crafty, you can make something like a college-themed blanket, pillow, or even a “This is Your Life” photo album filled with pictures of your college student’s best memories.

Tech gadgets

there’s a wide variety of tech items that make perfect college student gifts! Consider gifting them a laptop or tablet to address their need for convenience and productivity. Alternatively, a stylish set of headphones or a smartwatch will enhance their college lifestyle. Or go big this year with an e-Reader so they can keep up with their course materials and expand their horizons beyond academia! No matter what kind of gift you choose, college students will love having the latest technology.


College students are always on the go, and AirPods offer a convenient way to keep up with their favorite tunes or take phone calls while on the move. Airpods are a college student gift that combines style, convenience, and technology – perfect for tech-savvy college kids.

Smart speaker

With a smart speaker, college students can easily access news, weather forecasts, music, and more with just the sound of their voice. Additionally, many models offer hands-free calling capabilities so college kids can stay in touch without taking out their phones.

Noise-canceling headphones

College is noisy, and college students need a way to focus on their studies without the distractions of the environment. Get college students a pair of noise-canceling headphones to block out all that extra noise and concentrate better.


A college student’s life is non-stop, and they need a device to stay connected while on the go. A tablet offers college students an easy way to take notes, research online, watch movies, and more – all in one lightweight unit. A great college student gift for any student!


A smartwatch is a college student gift that anyone can appreciate. Not only do college students get the functional benefits of tracking their activity and staying connected with notifications, but they also get to show off their style with a sleek and stylish watch. Plus, many models even offer sleep-tracking capabilities so college kids can monitor how well they’re resting.


An e-reader is a college student gift that will help them stay up to date with their studies. From textbooks to classic literature, college students can find just about any book they need in an e-reader’s digital library. Plus, many models are even waterproof – perfect for reading by the poolside or beach!


One great gift idea for college students is a subscription service. College students are always looking to save money, so giving them access to discounts can make a great gift. Whether you get them a Spotify or Netflix subscription, they will surely appreciate it.


First aid kit

College students are always on the go, so having a first aid kit is smart and practical. Plus, college students will appreciate knowing you’re looking out for their safety.

Desk lamp

College students need to be able to focus on their studies, so a good quality desk lamp is essential. This college student gift will help college students make the most of their study time and keep them safe from eye strain.

Shower Bucket

College students need a place to store their shower items, and a shower caddy is a great gift. The best part is that college students can take it wherever they go!

Fill with bath supplies (Please check out the Bathing and Beauty Gifts They Will Love page for ideas)


At the end of the day, college is a time for adventure and exploration. With that in mind, college student gifts could include anything from passes to local attractions and events to concert tickets or movies. If your college student loves traveling, consider giving them an airline voucher or a prepaid debit card to help make their college experience even more exciting!


Finally, college students are always on the go, so why not get them something useful for their travels? A college student would surely appreciate a backpack, suitcase, or duffel bag. You can also get them items like water bottles, portable chargers, and travel wallets to make their adventures even easier. Roadside emergency kits will be appreciated by those traveling by car.


How much should I spend on college student gifts?

The amount you spend on college student gifts depends on your budget. You can find college student gifts in any price range, so you don’t have to break the bank. Remember, college students often appreciate thoughtful and meaningful gifts more than expensive ones.

What are some good college student gifts?

Some great college student gifts include things like top-notch laundry items, tech gadgets, kitchen appliances and accessories, tickets to local attractions and events, subscription services, handmade items, and travel essentials.

How can I make college student gifts more personal?

To make college student gifts more personal, consider making something handmade for them, such as a photo album or college-themed blanket. You could also give them something that reflects their interests and hobbies, like tickets to events or subscription services. Finally, you could give them something useful for college life, like a new laptop or phone charger.


No matter what college student gifts you decide on, they will surely appreciate them. Whether you go the route of useful items or something more sentimental, college students will love whatever gift you give them. With so many options available on any budget, you can easily find a college student gift that is both meaningful and practical.

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