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Toys for Babies

Birth to 6 months
Always check toy labels for recommended ages!
Babies like primary colors, contrast, clear lines and features, simple design, and human features e.g. eyes.
Infants 0 to 2 months enjoy seeing interesting things.
Infants 2 to 6 months enjoy touching, holding, batting, shaking, kicking, and mouthing objects.
-Toys for watching is more interesting if they move and make noise; however movement should be slow and noise not loud or sudden.
-Mouthable toys should have: no sharp points or edges; no small parts; no electrical parts; no toxic materials; no glass or brittle plastic; no long strings; or no parts that can entrap fingers, toes or hands.

Dream screens
Lullaby tapes

Starting about 6 to 8 weeks:

Crib mobiles*
Crib gyms*

*Suspend 8 to 14 inches above eyes and move-up when infant can touch. Remove when baby can push up on hands and knees.

Infant swings -With adult supervision
Teething and key rings
Squeeze toys
Activity quilt
Music boxes -adult operated
Cloth dolls or animals -Watch for buttons and other small parts that baby may swallow. Must be light and sturdy. Hair must be molded not loose hair. No bean or pellet stuffing.

Starting about 4 months

Soft blocks
Disc or keys on rings
Unbreakable mirrors
Floor gym -Remove when baby can push up on hands and knees (about five months).
Interlocking plastic rings
Balls -clutch, soft squeeze, or textured -must be at least 1 3/4″. However, if any object can fit easy in infant’s mouth-keep it away from child. Squeeze toys with sound makers should be inside the toy.

6 Months to One Year
Always check toy labels for recommended ages!
Infants 7-9 months like to poke; bang; insert; squeeze; drop; poke; shake; toss; bite; fill and empty; and open and shut objects.

Bath Toys

Bath toys
Rubber duckies
Sponge puppets

Busy boxes with levers, switches and dials
Simple puzzles with large pieces (about 10 months. 2-3 pieces)Pieces big enough baby can’t swallow

Music boxes
Wind up by adults

9 months old. Child presses button on feet to get music and songs.

Round Pegs in round holes -Where you pound a peg into a hole.  Large pegs so baby can’t swallow


Stiff cardboard
“Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown
“My Very First Mother Goose” by Iona Oapie
“Red, Blue, Yellow Shoe” Tana Hoban
“Where’s the Baby?” by Tom Paxton

Stuff animals No beans or other stuffing baby can choke on
Watch for small buttons and other small parts that the baby might swallow

Turtle ball pit for babies 9 months and up

Balls –Soft and medium sized

Stacking rings

Simple pop-up toy

Squeeze squeak toy. (The squeaker is inside the body of the toy)

Nesting toys

Shape sorters

Soft blocks

Simple musical instruments

Push-pull toys

Kiddie links

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