Weekly clean livingroom

Living room and Entry Weekly Cleaning

Living room and entry weekly cleaning checklist. These are what most visitors see first and the most challenging to keep clean. Follow our checklist to keep on top of this cleaning chore.

Living room/Family room Weekly Cleaning

  • furniture
  • lamp shades
  • wall hangings
  • picture frames
  • light switches and plug-ins
  • baseboards
  • knick-knacks
  • doors and doorknobs
  • registers
  • TV

Clean fingerprints on doors and walls
Clean telephone and remote using a disinfectant wipe.
Put away stacks, e.g., toys, magazines, books, papers, etc.
Cull old newspapers and magazines
Vacuum/dust mop
Treat stains on carpets
Empty trash
Shake rugs
Water plants

Entryway/Mudroom Weekly Cleaning

Wash front storm door
Wash the front interior door
Clean door glass and doorknobs
Dust wall hangings and knick-knacks
Clean fingerprints on light switches
Shake scatter rugs
Sweep and vacuum


Sweep/vacuum staircase
Spot clean staircase walls
Dust baseboards
Dust wall hangings, furniture, and light fixtures

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Living room and Entry Weekly Cleaning

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