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Nov 14, 2022 | Gift Ideas, Family gifts | 0 comments

Terrific Family Gifts

Buying gifts for a whole family can be difficult as each person has their own interests. Gifts that bring the whole family together, such as games, movies, and making special treats, are ideal. Gifts that involve family photos are a hit.

Occasion: Christmas, Hanukkah, Thank-you

Books Select a book for each member of the family.
Include bookmarks and bookplates.

Hot glue gun

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Indoor survival kit

Select from the following
Deck of cards
Pocket electronic games
Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S’mores Maker

Indoor Smores Maker
  • Save

Jellies and candle
Fill a container with straw and add:
Containers of jellies or jams
A candle in a jar

Ancestry DNA Kit

Photo album

Icy Treat Machine

Icy Treat Machine
  • Save

Photo frames

Food Gifts

5 Port Car Charger

5 Port Car Charger
  • Save

Home movies basket

Movie gift card
Microwave popcorn

Yard Dice

Battery charger

Cookie jar Filled with cookies

Time coupons  Coupons promising to do something for the family. Examples:
Teach a child how to drive a car
Help chop firewood

The family that lives away

Send care package
Christmas ornament for each member of the family
Holiday newsletter
Video of a family event
Cookies and candies
Homemade candles, soaps, and potpourri
Drink mixes-coffee, tea, hot chocolate
Holiday Decorations

Family (your relatives)

Make reproductions of family photos
Family favorites cookbook
Fill a notebook with a dozen or so of your family’s favorite recipes.
Discover your roots -give them as framed items or memory books.
Have a family portrait painted
Have a painting made of a family photo.
Create personal photo albums -Make a photo album featuring pictures of the recipient.
Picture calendar -Includes photos of your family throughout the year.
Ornaments -Use torn or worn family heirlooms, e.g., lace tablecloth, and make ornaments.
Piece of art made from a child’s handprint

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