Gifts for Someone Who Loves Christmas

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Gifts for Someone Who Loves Christmas

Most of us know someone who loves Christmas. They start the season shortly after Halloween. They may have their homes partially decorated for the Holidays before Thanksgiving arrives. They have a collection of ugly sweaters, many Hallmark ornaments, and more. Why not give them a gift they will thoroughly love-more Christmas themed items?

Make a wreath

Make a wreath that expresses the special interest of the receiver.
For example, a fisherman would have lures, bobbins, plastic worms, etc.
Or deck it out to the max with a Christmas theme.

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Bathroom decor set

Snowman Bathroom Set
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Make a Christmas ornament.

Cross-stitch, paint, or buy an ornament that expresses the special interest of the receiver. Show off your talents with one of a kind ornament.

Make buy a snow globe

Angel Snowglobe
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Make a centerpiece or topiary

Make Holiday glass art

Christmas DVD

Include with  DVD
Gourmet popcorn
Soft drinks
Plastic Christmas bowl

Nativity set

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Seasonal throw

Knit, quilt, crochet, or buy.

Seasonal Pillow –Bought or homemade.

Reindeer Pillow
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Christmas sweaters for wine bottles

Christmas Sweaters For Wine Bottles
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Christmas Spirit Box

Fill a container with:
Assorted tree ornaments (bought or homemade)
Decorative light strings
Scented Christmas candles

Scented Christmas Candles
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Home-baked cookies
Assorted chocolates
Christmas CDs
Candy canes
Foil-wrapped chocolates.
Holiday soaps
Two to three Christmas fingertip towels

Christmas Fingertip Towels
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Holiday magnets
Holiday kitchen towels and pot holders
Coffee and hot chocolate mixes

Christmas sweatshirts or sweaters

Christmas Sweater
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