What Halloween character are you? Quiz

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Find out which Halloween character is best suited for you by taking this short quiz.

Use the arrows on the top left of the quiz below to move to the next question.

We don’t know what characters the above two individuals are. If you know, please leave us a comment below.

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Which is your favorite pumpkin.
Which is your favorite pumpkin.
Party pumpkin
Funny face
Cat pumpkin
Happy pumpkins
What is your favorite dessert?
What is your favorite dessert?
Choclate cake
Angelfood cake
Confetti cake
Lady's fingers
Your favorite people are....
Your favorite people are....
Have a wicked sense of humor
Kind and thoughtful
Make you laugh
Are the life of the party
You favorite animals are...
You favorite animals are...
Doves and other birds
Snakes and things that creep
You like taking pictures of...
You like taking pictures of...
Night time scenes
Campfires and fireplaces
Trees and nature
What is your favorite color group?
What is your favorite color group?
Jewel tones--ruby, emerald, purple
Soft, muted natural colors
Bright, primary colors
Warm tones -red, yellow, orange, etc
I am a devil.

You like being the life of the party. You enjoy good times and being the center of attention. The devil is making you do it.

I am a clown.

You like to laugh and make other people laugh. You are a natural born clown.

I am a witch

You have a wicked sense of humor and enjoy being around others who do too. But, it is all in good fun.

I am an angel

You like upbeat things and friends who are positive. You are not always an angel but your kind nature makes up for it.


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