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tween gifts
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Tween Gifts

Buying gifts for tweens (ages 9-12) can be tough as they are between childhood and being a teen. What may interest them varies. Some may still like toys, while others have moved to gadgets. Below is a list of gift ideas that surely has something for your tween.


American girl, collector dolls, and fashion dolls-child might be moving away from fantasy play but still, enjoy dressing up and displaying dolls.
Action figures representing favorite characters
Construction toys -Lego and K’nex

Small collectible stuffed toys. Some may like oversized animals.
Remote control vehicles
Train sets


Walkie Talkies

Insta cameras
Fire Kid’s edition tablets
Wireless headphones
Professional Printing 3D Pen
Karaoke Microphone


Nintendo Game System and games
Tiny Pong Electronic Solo Tennis Game

Pictionary Air -draw with an electronic pen, and players can see the image on their smart devices.
Bop It game
Exploding kittens
Gravity Maze

Room decor

Throws-Tweens are probably moving away from character bedspreads but still like throws of favorite movies, TV shows, sports teams, etc. Mermaid and shark tails are also popular.

Pillows and accessories -these too can contain images of favorite teams, shows or characters.

Felt letter boards -to post messages

Fairy light curtain panels -sheer curtains with fairy lights attached.


Hair chalk
Nail stamper kit
Bath bomb kit
Science kits appropriate for their age -there are many fun kits involving a variety of topics such as root beer.
Models of the human body, space, and stars.
Telescopes and microscopes
Art supplies

Physical activity

Hoover boards
Skate boards
Balls of all types -soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, etc.
Ice skates and roller blades
Ski equipment
Tennis or golf equipment
Hockey equipment
Flying discs


Make sure you understand the clothing style of the child and if the child is into name brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, etc.

The child may like sweatshirts/t-shirts with images of favorite shows, movies, characters, or sports teams.

Bedroom slippers -these come in a variety of fun styles.

Socks -socks can have a variety of images printed on them


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