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St Patrick’s Day articles

St. Patrick's Day articles

Celebrate the wearing of the green with these fun and interesting articles.

How to Plan an Adult St. Patrick’s Day Party

St. Patrick's adult party

Celebrate this Irish Holiday by having an adult St. Patrick’s Day party for your friends. Let this collection of simple ideas help make your party fun and have your guests going “green.” Decorations St. Patrick’s Day color is green, but don’t forget that you can add in orange and white–colors of the Irish flag. Symbols for St. Pat’s Day are well known–leprechauns, rainbows, …

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St. Patrick’s Day Symbols and Blessings

St. Patrick's Day Symbols

Here are some typical St. Patrick’s Day symbols to explore and perhaps do some of the fun stuff listed below each. St. Patrick’s Day symbols–Leprechauns Near a misty stream in Ireland in the hollow of a treeLive mystical, magical leprechaunswho are clever as can beWith their pointed ears, and turned up toes and little coats of greenThe leprechauns busily make …

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Some easy food ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Qwikbit by Kammy Potatoes are the top export of Ireland. Twice baked potatoes would be an excellent meal for St. Pat’s Day. Have the kids help you make a Rainbow cake. Let them decorate the top of a frosted cake with rainbow colored M & Ms laid in arches on top of the cake. Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate …

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Shamrock Cookies

shamrock cookies

Use your heart-shaped cookie cutter to make Shamrock Cookies for St. Patrick's Day.

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St. Patrick’s Day Fun Stuff Crafts

St. Patrick's Day Fun Thing

Some fun and simple activities you can do with your kids for St. Patrick’s Day. Substitute other items if you don’t have what is called for. St. Patrick’s Day Pot-of-Gold Windsock Oatmeal box or plastic ice cream bucket with the bottom cut off(done by parent)Black paper or paintGreen paper or paintCrepe paper or plastic tape in rainbow colors (non-adhesive)Dark yellow yarnIridescent …

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Think Green

by Rondi Hillstrom Davis and Janell Sewall OakesTogether: Creating Family Traditions This month, our theme is Think Green. Spring is just around the corner. Even though there is still snow on the ground in many parts of the country, here in the South our daffodils have already begun to bloom. You too, can enjoy a little bit of spring indoors. …

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