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Main Dish Food Gifts

main dish food gifts

Breakfast Breakfast tray Pile breakfast tray with:Hot chocolate mixesInternational coffeePancake mixInstruction cardMaple syrupJamsButter dishBreads-cranberry, banana, date, etc.PancakesCast iron skillet filled with: Hot padPancake mixMaple syrupBlueberry syrupPancake turnerInstruction card Casseroles Casserole dish Fill dish with:Three of your favorite casserole recipesDry ingredients for recipes e.g. rice, can soups, spicesStir-fried riceWild rice mixInstruction cardSoy sauceTeriyaki sauceStir-fry sauceChopsticksFortune cookiesChow mien noodlesGreen teaHome made casseroleWrap …

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Saving Money on Groceries: Buy Live Beef

Live beef

It is not always possible to buy live beef to slaughter, but it does save money when you can — tips on how to find the steers and how to work with a butcher.

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Making Hard-Cooked Eggs

Hard cooked eggs

There is a variety of methods to hard-cook eggs e.g. oven baked, steamed, boiled and pressure cooked. Experiment with them and see what works best.

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Hard boiled Easter Eggs

Hard Boiled Easter Eggs

Hard boiled Easter eggs are not difficult to do. I use the cold water method for hard-cooked eggs which is recommended.

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Cooking with Water Quiz

cooking spaghetti

Cooking with water can more challenging than it would seem. How well do you know how to cook foods in water? This is a short 10 question quiz that will take about eight minutes to answer. Use the arrows in upper left corner to move you to the next question. Resource articles:Moist Heat, BoilingMoist Heat, SimmeringMoist Heat, Poaching

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Cooking Techniques: Moist Heat, Simmering

Pan of simmering water

Describes what meats need to be cooked at a simmer and tips on how to braise or stew at this temp.

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Cooking Techniques: Moist Heat, Poaching

poached eggs

Poaching temperature and tips on how to poach eggs, fish and fruits.

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Cooking Techniques: Moist Heat, Boiling

close-up of boiling water

Boiling point changes with high altitudes. What foods are cooked in boiling water and description of parboil and blanching.

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Saving Money on Groceries; Food Inventory


How to sort cupboards and identify expired foods. How to take an inventory of dry storage food. Using your food inventory to save money.

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