Want To Save Money Bulk Buying Groceries?


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Want To Save Money Bulk Buying Groceries?

Is bulk buying saving you grocery money?

It can! Here’s how:

Track prices. Avoid overstocking and watch expiry. Know your product.

With these rules and knowledge of what to avoid buying, you should be able to make money-saving purchases of bulk groceries.

Check out your local directory for bulk stores near you as they go by a variety of names-Costco, Sam’s Club, etc. Many grocery stores have a bulk section. Also, check for online stores offering grocery store items in large sizes, such as Amazon and Boxed.com.

Three Simple Rules for Bulk Buying
Bulk Buying to Avoid
Maybe Good Buys
Best Bulk Buys

Three Simple Rules for Bulk Buying

Track prices

Know the product’s price at your local grocery, discount, and drug store. You can overpay if you aren’t aware of the usual price. Create a price book to track these items. 

Learn how to figure the Price per Unit. Price per unit compares serving or ounces to a similar product that may be a different size. The site offers a free Spend Smart, Eat Smart app to figure it out for you. This information will help determine if the bulk buy is a bargain.

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Know the product

It is always a good idea to try out low-priced products to see if they are acceptable, but when you are bulk buying, you are taking a significant risk.

Don’t overstock, and watch the expiry date.

Only buy as much product that you can use before the food rots or hits its expiry date. For example, bleach starts losing its effectiveness in six months. Overstocking is a waste of money if you discard part of your purchase.

Bulk Buying to Avoid

Fresh produce- buying large quantities only makes sense if you have a large family, cook for a crowd, share with a friend, or planning on freezing or canning the surplus.

Fresh milk and eggs -the savings are usually minimal.

Spices have a short shelf-life, and many will go bad before you use a large bottle. Buying from self-serve bulk bins at grocery stores allows you to decide the quantity you need.

Shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and deodorants are frequently put on sale by grocery and drug stores, making them cheaper than buying at bulk stores.

Maybe Good Buys

Meat and cheese are excellent buys if you have freezer space, a food sealer, and the time to separate them into smaller packages. Cornell has a food keeper app that lists maximum freezer times. Use this chart to figure out the pounds of meat needed to have a family-size serving for each cut.

Onions and green peppers that are chopped and ready to use are convenient to have on hand if you have the time to cut and freeze.

Best Bulk Buys

Alkaline batteries have a long shelf life if kept in a cool, dry place.

Canned goods- canned goods have a shelf life of a year.

Toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and other paper goods -paper goods can last a long time. Make sure you have storage spaces for the excess.

You can save office and school supplies -notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. -by buying these in bulk — store the excess for next year.

Light bulbs

Toothbrushes and toothpaste -if you change toothbrushes every few months, as recommended, it is economical to buy them in bulk.

Laundry detergent

Trash bags


Pasta, dried beans, and rice have a long shelf life if kept cool and dry.

You can use these same tips when items go on sale at non-bulk stores and you are considering buying the product in quantity.

Keep your price book up to date. Check out deals and offerings from a variety of stores and start saving.

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