Non-Candy Plastic Egg Fillers

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Non-Candy Plastic Egg Fillers

My kids always enjoyed hunting for eggs, but you only need or can use so many hard-boiled eggs so the appearance of plastic eggs. You can quickly hit the sugar limit between the basket and eggs if you are filling them with candy only. Here are some non-candy filler ideas for your plastic eggs.

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Non-candy food

The age of the child and any allergies will determine appropriate choices.



Cereal -such as Fruit Loops and Cheerios

Yogurt melts

Mini pretzels


Baby or Toddler

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Pacifier –pacifiers change as the baby grows older. Check for age recommendations.

Baby spoons

Baby shoes




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Older children and tweens non-candy plastic egg fillers

You will have to check labels to see if the toys are ideal for young children. Due to the small size of many toys, most are unsuitable for children younger than 3. I have starred some of the items as potential choking hazards, but most things could be if a child chews on them, including shoelaces.



Play-doh party pack size will fit into the eggs*

Nail stickers

Mini Hot Wheel cars *

Slap and rubber bracelets

Jelly Bracelet
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Silly bandz and Jelly bracelets



Seeds- flowers or vegetables


Silly putty*

Tattoo stickers -do not buy the waterproof type as it makes them more difficult to remove.

Bubbles -party pack size*

Seashells -small*

Pencil grippers*

Pencil Topper
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Pencil top erasers*


Fun socks

Earrings -real or stick-on*

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Lip balm


Non-Candy Plastic Egg Fillers 51A5 +Hpc4L. Sl160
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Finger puppets*


Rubber stamps

Washi tape

Fishing lures

Mini Squishy toys*

Lipstick -sample size*

Specialty soaps

Small rubber dinosaurs*

Grow Capsules
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Grow capsules*

Barbie accessories or clothes*

Small balls -with young kids, make sure they are big enough not to be a choking hazard.


Non-Candy Plastic Egg Fillers
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Sticky hands*

Punch balloons*

Mini flashlights

Gift cards

Small stuff animals*

Small action figures*

Check out the small toy section of the dollar and discount stores for more ideas. You will need jumbo-size or bigger plastic eggs. Bring your egg with you when shopping for fillers to compare items to your egg size. Reminder: check the labels to ensure a toy is suitable for your child’s age.

If you have any questions or comments, please share them below.

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