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Miscellaneous Food Gifts


Fill basket or old hat with:
Assortment of tea bags or mixes
Cup and saucer
Tea ball
Tea cozy

Jams or jellies
Homemade bread
Flavored sugars
Lemon drops
Lacy napkin
Simple version:
fill oversize mug with:

Assorted tea bags
Lemon drops
Assorted coffee mixes
Special coffee mug
Assorted creams
Cocoa or hot chocolate
Cocoa mix
Chocolate dip cinnamon sticks
Special mugs

Chocolate dipped spoons
Simple version
Hot chocolate mix in large mug with a peppermint stick.
Bottle of cider
Cider mix
Cinnamon sticks
Instruction card


Veggie dip
Veggie dip mix or homemade dip with:
Instruction card
Fresh vegetables-carrots sticks, broccoli, celery sticks, green pepper sticks, etc.
Christmas serving tray
Fruit dip
Homemade or mix with:
Instruction card
Basket of mixed fresh fruits
Dips for potato chips
Variety of dip mixes or homemade dips
Instruction card
Bag of chips
Christmas bowl
Homemade snack mixes (cereals mixed with nuts and seasonings).


Grill Stuff
pockets of chef’s apron with:

Bar-B-Q sauce
Dry rubs
Hot mitt
Include hickory chips
Gourmet coffees
Spiced tea mix
Homemade cookies and candies
Mixed nuts
Fresh fruit
Commuter’s Stuff
travel kit with non-perishable food e.g.:

Dried fruits
Trail mix
Hard candy
Travel coffee mug
Inflatable neck pillow
Cheese ball
Variety of crackers
Bread board

Spreading knifes
Favorite recipes
Cute recipe cards with:
Two or three ingredients to make recipe
Baking pan or serving dish
Mustard assortment
Variety of flavors
Imported: Germany, French, English, Chinese
Great go-withes
Serving jar with dipper filled with:

Herbal mustard
Mint jelly
Cranberry topping
Sweet pepper relish
Pickle relish
Flavored ketchups
Collect a variety of herbs and spices. Tie a red ribbon around.
Include a spicy scented candle.
Braided yarn spice hanger:
hot-glue on decorations and stitch on a wooden ring at top.
Place spices in small zip lock bead bags.
Tie to braided yarn with bits of yarn or ribbon.
Herbed vinegar and oils
Homemade vinegar or oils in pretty bottles.

Home made preserves, jellies and jams
Place a circle of fabric on top of lid and tie with ribbon, raffia, jute or yarn
Salad dressings
A pretty cruet with
Packages of salad dressing mixes.
Sloppy Joe
Sloppy Joe mix
Coupon for hamburger
Instruction card
Jar of homemade sloppy joe
Hamburger buns
Dill pickle slices

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