March home maintenance checklist
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March Checklist

The March Checklist continues work on spring cleaning focusing on basement and bedrooms. Continue working on Spring Maintenance Checklist

Spring Cleaning
Twice yearly Bedrooms

Wash pillows, bedspreads, and blankets.
Clean fan and light diffusion bowl
Vacuum, wash or paint walls
Clean molding and paint as needed
Clean switch plates and electrical outlets
Wash/polish doors.
Drawers and cabinets: clean/polish and remove scratches.
Clean and polish doorknobs and drawer pulls
Shampoo the mattress
Vacuum and clean bed frame
Clean baseboards
Unroll and thoroughly clean blinds
Wash curtains
Dry-clean or wash drapes as indicated
Wash windows and molding.
Clean radiator or clean furnace vents. Remove cover and vacuum duct.
Remove and clean wall and ceiling objects

  • Polish metal and wood frames
  • Clean handwork
  • Clean chains
  • Macrame hangers
  • Wind chimes
  • Plant hangers
  • Wash baskets

Vacuum smoke alarms and replace batteries
Wash scatter rugs and mats
Treat carpet stains
Shampoo carpet
Clean under large area rugs
Polish and repair wood floors
Move and clean under furniture
Dump and cull bookcases and shelves
Clean and polish furniture
Clean cobwebs between legs and underneath furniture

  • Clean and change silk flower arrangements
  • Brush, vacuum, wash or replace lampshades
  • Wash baskets
  • Clean and polish metal objects, e.g., frames and candlesticks
  • Polish glass and mirrors
  • Clean ceramic objects
  • Clean vases and plant pots
  • Sort and clean toys
  • Move seasonal clothing to storage (see clothes)
  • Organize closets, drawers, shoes, and jewelry
  • When the closet is empty: clean rods and shelves. Vacuum floors.
  • Line drawers with shelf paper. Add new cedar ball

Check for repairs needed and add to fix-it list

  • Loose drawer pulls
  • Sagging door hinges
  • Sagging or broken hinges on furniture
  • Check caulking below the windows
  • Broken light fixtures
  • Squeaky floors
  • Look for frayed electrical cords
  • Broken outlets and switches
  • Scratches on furniture
  • Check furniture legs
  • Worn, ripped, or stained linens, pillows, comforters or throw rugs


Move seasonal clothes to storage: polish shoes and resole if needed. Wash or dry clean, and mend clothes. Store in airtight containers with moth repellent. Toss worn, outdated or stained clothing.

March Checklist for Basement


Seal any cracks or leaks in basement walls
Inspect for insects and rodents. Treat.
Check door and window locks. Repair and lubricate.
Cabinets- loose drawer pulls, sagging hinges on cabinets and doors, and Check legs
Check caulking below windows
Replace loose or damaged floor tiles
Broken light fixtures
Broken electrical outlets and switches
Look for broken window panes
Check window glazing
Check all electrical cords

Wax washer/dryer
Wash walls/paint as needed
Clean light diffusion bowls
Clean blinds, drapes or curtains
Dump and cull storage spaces


Check locks on doors and windows-repair damage locks.
Repair any doors or windows that are not closing properly.
Clean under decks and porches

Twice Yearly
(check owner’s manual and with a mechanic for recommended maintenance for your vehicle. Do maintenance essential for warranty.)
Replace points and condenser.
Replace spark plugs.
Check spark plug wires.
Check and adjust ignition timing.
Drain and replace coolant.
Clean crankcase breather.
Check PVC valve.
Lubricate u-joint.
Check condition of brake pads and shoes.
Check transmission fluid level and condition of the fluid.
Lubricate clutch shift and or pedal linkage.
Rotate tires and check tread depth.
Lubricate linkage and pivots on windshield wipers.
Check brake line for any leaks. 



  • Check machine hoses
  • Check dryer exhaust tube for debris and lint
  • Clean duct, damper and space under dryer
  • Make sure exterior vent cover closes completely when not in use.

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March Checklist

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