main dish food gifts
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Main Dish Food Gifts

Give a gift from the heart of your home-the kitchen-to warm the hearts of those receiving them. These delicious gifts will be welcomed by anyone receiving them.

Many of the gift ideas include mixes. You can either buy pre-made mixes or use your homemade mixes. Remember to include the instruction card.

Occasion: Birthdays, Christmas, Get Well, New mother


Breakfast tray

Pile breakfast tray with:
Hot chocolate mixes
International coffee
Pancake mix
Instruction card
Maple syrup
Butter dish
Breads-cranberry, banana, date, etc.
Cast iron skillet filled with:

Hot pad
Pancake mix
Maple syrup
Blueberry syrup
Pancake turner
Instruction card


Casserole dish

Fill the dish with:
Three of your favorite casserole recipes
Dry ingredients for recipes e.g. rice, can soups, spices

Stir-fried rice
Wild rice mix
Instruction card
Soy sauce
Teriyaki sauce
Stir-fry sauce
Fortune cookies
Chow mien noodles
Green tea

Homemade casserole
Wrap in a pretty placemat.


Spaghetti seasoning mix
Fill colander or picnic basket with:

Spaghetti seasoning mix
Hot roll mix
Italian dressing mix
Cookie mix
Instruction cards for the mixes.

Red and green pasta
Wrap in a red napkin
Red and green pasta in a bag
Pasta ladle
Tie with a ribbon

Pasta variety
Packages of pasta:
Lasagna noodles

Jars of sauces:
Alfredo, etc.

Romantic dinner
Homemade spaghetti sauce
Box of pasta
A loaf of Italian bread
Parmesan cheese
Bottle of red wine

Spaghetti sauce
In a pasta bowl include items to make spaghetti sauce:

Package of pasta
Sun-dried tomatoes
Olive oil
Garlic powder
Pasta recipe

In a baking dish include:

Package of pasta
Recipe for lasagna
Olive oil
Cheese grater


Layered bean soup
Layers of bean soup in a jar makes an attractive gift.
Include the recipe instruction card.

Chili soup
Fill a stew pot with:

Dried beans
Dried red chili peppers
Chili powder
Cayenne pepper
Chili recipe
Tomato juice
Oven mitt

Homemade soup
Make your favorite soup. Deliver in a jar or soup tureen. Include:
A loaf of bread or crackers
Soup ladle

South of the Border

Snack items
In a fiesta bowl place:

Large bag of taco chips
Include soft drinks.

Spicy food lover
Cayenne pepper
White pepper
Black pepper
Dried red pepper
Chili powder
Chili sauce
Hot pickles

Taco shells
Taco seasoning package
Coupon for hamburger

Homemade enchiladas
Make a batch of enchiladas. Wrap in plastic wrap and freeze. A favorite.

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